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2023 Global Citizen Award® calls for nominations

The Global Citizen Award® is a tribute that aims to honour individuals working to advance any one of the global challenges affecting humanity today — challenges that transcend national boundaries and cannot be resolved by any one country acting alone.

According to the duo, the 2023 laureate will be selected by a distinguished, independent committee and honoured at the Global Citizen Award® ceremony, the concluding event of the annual Henley & Partners Global Citizenship Conference. 

The Henley & Partners Global Citizenship Conference will be taking place in Dubai from Thursday, 9 November to Friday, 10 November.

Henley & Partners chairperson and founder of the Andan Foundation Dr Christian H. Kaelin says that the awardee’s work needs to demonstrate a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable social groups, particularly with a connection to migration-related issues.

“The Global Citizen Award® is open worldwide to those working in a field with a direct link to the issues they are looking to affect and excludes political figures, opinion leaders and celebrities,” says Kaelin.

Kaelin adds, “The committee is looking for remarkable and inspirational individuals who demonstrate vision, courage and innovation in driving global change, and whose actions and outlook contribute to a more just, peaceful, connected and tolerant world.”

The selection process is confidential and is based on a majority decision of the Award Committee. The award itself consists of:

  • a sculptural medal designed by leading Italian artist Antonio Nocera
  • an award certificate signed by the chairperson of the Global Citizen Award Committee, and
  • a monetary prize of USD$20 000, which goes towards supporting the awardee’s humanitarian efforts.

In addition, Henley & Partners commit to:

  • working closely with the awardee for a period of one year
  • raising awareness of their work, and
  • supporting the selected project through the firm’s network of more than 40 offices worldwide.

Since its inception, the Global Citizen Award® has honoured many individuals, according to the duo. Some of these laureates are as follows:

  • the first laureate was German entrepreneur Harald Höppner, who set up the refugee humanitarian aid project Sea Watch
  • Dr Imtiaz Sooliman, founder of the Gift of the Givers Foundation, Africa’s largest disaster relief organisation
  • Monique Morrow, co-founder of The Humanized Internet, a digital identity project that aims to bring hope to the estimated 1.1 billion individuals in the world who cannot prove their legal identity
  • Diep Vuong, co-founder and president of the Pacific Links Foundation, was awarded for her work in Southeast Asia campaigning for the rights of those enslaved by human trafficking, and
  • professor and doctor Padraig O’Malley received his Global Citizen Award® in recognition of his work on conflict resolution and reconciliation in Northern Ireland, South Africa and Iraq.

Commenting on the award’s history and significance, Kaelin says that global citizenship ideals are a founding principle of Henley & Partners, and through its partnership with the Andan Foundation, the firm is able to provide support to those global citizens displaced by war, conflict and climate change.

“All of our Global Citizen Award® laureates have inspired us with their willingness to act in confronting a problem that many see as simply too vast to address. The issues that we face today transcend the family, the tribe, the village and the nation. It’s more critical than ever that we do what we can to support those working on initiatives that directly change the lives of vulnerable people around the world,” concludes Kaelin.

Nominations close on Friday, 30 June. For more information on how to submit your nomination, individuals can contact Tina Savic at [email protected].

For more information, visit You can also follow the Global Citizen Award on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.

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