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5 Amazing Corn Recipes We Bet You Have Never Tried

The best thing about cooking is that you have full freedom to try things out, experiment with them, and create an appetising masterpiece of your own. Yet, foods like corn have mostly and widely remain underrated on the Indian plate. Western cuisines have experimented and incorporated corn effortlessly, it’s only in the recent past that we have seen it being liberally used with Indian flavours.

If the taste isn’t enough to make you try it, its health benefits may. So keeping in mind the benefits of corn we are sharing the top 5 dishes of corn that are healthy yet amazing to eat.

Handi Corn Sabzi: In this dish, corn is cooked with desi spices. With jaggery and tamarind, the sweet and sour taste of the dish will leave your taste buds tingling! Make this recipe for lunch or a dinner party and pair it with some cooked rice for a wholesome meal your guests will just love.

Corn And Pomegranate Chaat: This dish is what you need after a long day at work. This dish is packed with varied flavours of corn, pomegranate, orange, mustard, and tamarind. This is a healthy as well as refreshing meal and you will not take much time to prepare it. This mix is full of healthy ingredients, so don’t miss it!

Potato And Corn Soup: Soups are almost the favourite of all as it is healthy, tasty, and very light for the stomach. Coming home after a tiring day and having a bowl of soup just makes everyone happy. So you should try the soup of potato and corn. The freshness of herbs like basil, parsley, and rosemary makes it more delicious and healthy. You would love to enjoy this hot bowl of soup on a winter evening with friends and family.

Corn Sooji Ball: Corn Sooji Ball can be an amazing dish when you have afternoon cravings. This recipe is very easy to make and can be served as an all-time snack. The presence of corn and sooji in this dish makes it way healthier than other high-calorie food. So make it and enjoy it with some green chutney or tomato sauce.

Corn Pulao: Corn Pulao recipe is a great dish to pack for lunch or have for dinner. The presence of different spices, flavours of basmati rice, and the presence of beautiful corn kernels make it a mouth-watering dish. This recipe takes only 30 minutes to get ready. So definitely try the healthy yet tasty corn pulao at home.

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