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A Complete Guide To Conscious Skincare

With soaring temperatures, heatwaves and harmful UV rays a staple in our lives now, it is our skins that bear the maximum damage. Global warming is not new
but the approach towards beauty has changed. Climate change has pushed or rather encouraged us to follow a more conscious approach towards what we eat, what we use, how we travel and what we apply on our skins, resulting in
a global movement towards mindful consumption. One of the integral aspects of consuming thoughtfully is following a skincare regime that is conscious and revolves around adopting products that contain less chemicals, are eco-friendly and cruelty-free.

This mindfulness day, let’s pledge to be more thoughtful about the needs of our planet and focus on clean and sustainable beauty. For the unversed, here is a guide to stick to when it comes to doing your bit for the planet

What is conscious skincare?
Conscious skincare is the way one chooses their skincare products based on their personal values. “Making a choice basis awareness about your skin type and needs, the ingredients that will help one’s particular skin type and concern, choosing products that are organic, cruelty-free, vegan and contain fewer chemicals and pesticides. Basically, conscious skincare is a more deliberate and methodical way to choose products that will strengthen and protect skin’s defences is conscious skincare,” says Chandni Goyal, training manager, Juice Beauty, India.

How to be mindful of the products one uses?
The pandemic has increased consumers’ need to use products formulated with a high percentage of natural ingredients able to provide both benefit for the skin
and for the mind. “Natural, organic ingredients are better for the skin, it protects
you from the harmful effects of chemicals and gives you glowing, radiant, and beautiful skin. Natural products are completely safe for human and environmental health. These products are free from toxic harmful chemicals. They are formulated with natural ingredients and free from unsafe parabens, talc and preservatives,” believes Pooja Malhotra, Make-up expert at Kiko Milano.

What ingredients work for conscious beauty?
The most effective, scientifically tested, naturally occurring skincare ingredients
are important to look out for in mindful skincare. Choose product performance strengthened through the powerful properties of natural ingredients like nuts, cereals, olive, grapes. Organic ingredients like resveratrol-rich grape and frankincense are great for anti-aging, vegetable-derived hyaluronic acid is good for a boost for skin hydration, malic acid derived from green apples works on skin brightness, organic palmarosa works very well for oily skin, and pore care. “Many ingredients are synthetically produced in the lab which is just fine. Some of such ingredients are effective in skincare. These are hyaluronic acid, Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), ceramides, retinol, argan oil, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B3, green tea, algae extracts,” adds Malhotra. It is important to read the label and check for natural ingredients in the product carefully

What products to use?
Mindful skincare would require a customer to choose products that are as effective as conventional products but are free from harmful chemicals and ingredients that could cause more harm to the skin in the long run than help. “Organic ingredients and products like cleansers free from sulphates are better than cleansers which have sulphates, choose alcohol-free toners, moisturizers that have antioxidant-rich organic ingredients like vitamin C, fruit stem cells, hyaluronic acid and similarly serums that are packed with active ingredients,” opines Goyal.

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