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A New Dimension in Beauty Care

Aren’t we all chasing a no filter pimple free face, fuzz free hair- a skin that radiates natural glow without highlighter aid?  While the studies highlight multiple ways in which skin health can be maintained, the best kept secret to holistic skincare is the microbiome. “Microbiomes are a complex, invisible eco-system of microorganisms made up of organisms like bacteria and fungi that thrive on the skin. It is touted for its properties that helps in maintaining skin’s immunity for a hydrated and glowing complexion,” says Roshini S. Jaiswal, Promoter and CEO, Swanrose Inc (USA) & Swanrose India Pvt. Ltd.

With innovations in skin health, skin microbiome, and nanotechnology, beauty and cosmetic industry have revolutionized in every aspect of its functioning. “The Indian beauty landscape is becoming more realistic and natural. It is the deep understanding of how people experience and fall in love with the brands that are leading to the creation of a whole new category of products,” adds Jaiswal.

Over the past few years, the beauty industry has seen a shift in manufacturing practices as well. The main reason for this is the increased awareness of the environmental and ethical impacts of beauty. This has led to a spread of veganism from the food to the beauty industry.

People have become more selective of what they apply to their skin than they used to earlier. The new age products not only address these concerns, but have helped change people’ s attitude towards beauty and skin health, with skincare gaining prominence over makeup. The brands are now using natural ingredients like green tea extracts, cinnamon, milk and yogurt that interact with the skin microbiome, enhancing both mental and physical health of the individual.

From sun and pollution to stress and aggressive skincare, our skin is constantly barraged by harmful elements, making a healthy microbiome all the more essential. Thereby, leaving consumers no longer fixated on the idea of flawless skin. For them, healthy skin is a priority too.

“A healthy balance of organisms can also prevent sensitizing of skin with acne, redness, or dullness as well as premature ageing. The skin microbiome is known to maintain the acid mantle of the skin that repels germs and plays a role in how skin cells respond to UV light. They also act as a kind of warning flare, alerting our immune system to harmful bacteria or viruses,” notes Jaiswal.

Although skin care is not magic and pure science, neurocosmetics is close to magic, making things happen fast. It is trying to overcome the slowness associated with ayurvedic or natural products, making clean skincare a reality.

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