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America’s Most Insta-Worthy Landmarks | TravelPulse

America’s most Insta-Worthy landmarks are incredibly diverse, with some stemming from natural wonders created over thousands of years and others brought to fruition by humankind. Either way, it can definitely make sense to plan a road trip that stops at many of these famous sights since doing so can help you fill your Instagram feed with photos others will envy. Of course, you can also have a ton of fun along the way.

Where exactly are America’s most Insta-worthy spots? While some are located on federal lands such as Grand Canyon National Park, Yellowstone National Park and Sedona’s Red Rock State Park, others are in major cities like Seattle, New York and Orlando, to name a few.

If you’re hoping to snap a shot of some of the most famous places in the United States, read on to learn where to take the best photos in places like New York’s Times Square, Walt Disney World in Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada.



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