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An unopened iPhone from 2007 sold for £52,320 at auction

The phone was ‘factory sealed’, meaning its cellophane wrapping is still intact. (Picture: LCGAuctions/BNPS)

If you have an unopened first-generation iPhone from 2007, it could now be worth around £52,635.

American Tattoo artist, Karen Green, who was gifted the 8 GB version of the phone and never broke the seal auctioned off the tech relic this month, for a record $63,356 (£52,320).

Originally sold for $499 (£269 at the time), the first iPhone came with a 3.5-inch screen with a 2-megapixel camera, 4 GB and 8 GB storage options and internet connectivity on a 2G network.

While you might still have your very first iPhone at the bottom of your drawers, it won’t be worth as much unless it’s still ‘factory sealed’, meaning its cellophane wrapping is still intact.

Last year, another unopened first-generation iPhone was auctioned off for $39,339 (£32,490) so their value as collectors’ items is rising rapidly.

It was originally sold for $499 (Picture: Shutterstock / marleyPug)

LCG auction house that sold the vintage iPhone, believes prices will continue to rise. According to the listing, these pieces of tech are ‘widely regarded as a blue-chip asset amongst high-end collectors’ and that ‘many believe the space is still in its infancy’.

This is not the first vintage Apple product to sell for thousands. Last year, an original Apple 1 computer, was sold for $442,118 (£365,384).

A few months before that, a prototype of the computer used by Steve Jobs sold for nearly $700,000.

To be fair, these are actually rare as Apple made only 200 versions of the Apple-1, and sold about 175 pieces.

As Apple is gearing up to release its most expensive phone yet, with the rumoured £1,199 iPhone Ultra, the value of older models could keep going up.

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