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Apple M-Series Macs Can Now Run Windows 11: Here’s How

Last Updated: February 18, 2023, 08:30 IST

Macs running on Windows 11 is possible

Macs running on Windows 11 is possible

You might be wondering how can Windows run on an Apple Mac machine. Well, turns out there are a few official ways for that.

Apple offers its macOS platform on the Macs but what if we tell you that there is an official way to run Windows 11 on the Apple computers?

That’s right. Microsoft is now letting Apple MacBooks, iMac or Mac Mini to run the latest Windows operating system thanks to this app called Parallels Desktop 18. The software suite compatible with the M-series Apple Macs has been developed by the Parallels team along with Alludo.

Most of you might be wondering why we need Windows on a Mac? Well, there are a few organisations that use Mac computers but need to run Windows because of some limitations with the apps. For such cases, Parallels Desktop 18 is the ideal solution.

This software is compatible with the Windows 11 Pro and Enterprise versions and if you use the M,M1 or M2 series Macs, this software gives you the best way to run Windows. The actual lineup includes the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, and Mac Studio.

Sounds great, right? But surely it can’t be that easy. The only thing you need to use the solution is a legit Windows 11 licence. The company would need your Mac to have around 600MB space to install the Parallels Desktop 18 app and Windows 11 licence to run on the machine.

They claim the performance of Windows through this virtual machine is close to the native experience, which is critical for businesses to invest their money. Parallels Desktop 18 comes in three versions – standard, Pro and Business editions.

The price of the software starts from $99.9 (Rs 8,200 approx) to $149.99 (Rs 12,400 approx). Windows 11 has shown itself to be quite capable and versatile, which means having the platform run on a secured machine from Apple is probably everyone’s dream. And in some ways Parallels Desktop 18 is making it happen.

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