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Bata SA and Lion Match launches school shoe drive

For generations, both Bata and The Lion Match Company say that it has been closely associated with the school journey of South African children through their renowned brands.

Bata SA produces more than four million school shoes in the country each year, including Toughees.

Over 2.5 million tins of Lion’s Quality Shoe Polish are produced each year, giving shoes lasting shine for generations of children, while protecting them from scuffing during busy days spent between the classroom and playground.

A common purpose and shared values further unite the two entities. Clear synergies exist between the Bata Children’s Programme, which has been striving to alleviate the burden on underprivileged school children since 2010. Lion Quality Shoe Polish’s ongoing effort to donate school shoes and school supplies to deserving learners, helping to restore their dignity.

Monde Ntuli, brand manager for Lion Quality Shoe Polish, says, “Both The Lion Match Company and Bata recognise that far too many children in South Africa go to school daily either barefoot or without proper footwear, risking injury and infection.”

Ntuli adds, “Every child deserves an opportunity to shine — and it starts with the shoes they put on in the morning. This is why we are proud to partner with Bata and hope to restore pride and dignity for as many of these vulnerable children and underprivileged schools as possible.”

Michael Wyatt, managing director at Bata South Africa, says, “Bata firmly believes in collaborating and addressing worldwide issues locally by forming valuable partnerships with brands that share our principles and aspire to bring positive change in the lives of those who require the most aid.”

Wyatt adds, “With formidable partners such as The Lion Match Company, we believe we can steadily build a brighter future for South African children.”

In support of the initiative, Bata is donating half of the quantities of shoes required at schools identified by The Lion Match Company nationally, while the remainder will be supplied at Bata’s discounted rates for corporate bulk orders. Lion Match will donate 20 cents from every specially marked tin of Lion Quality Shoe Polish sold, to fund the purchase of new school shoes.

Bata concludes that pursues numerous partnerships with corporate South Africa and civil society to ensure that South African children can put their best foot forward and access opportunities that help them reach their full potential.

For more information, visit You can also follow Bata SA on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.

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