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Ben Affleck on ‘miserable’ Justice League shoot and Batman return

Ben Affleck revealed his issues with filming the Justice League (Picture: Getty)

Ben Affleck has shed light on his ‘miserable’ experience filming Justice League, and why he would never direct a film for James Gunn’s DC.

The 50-year-old starred as the caped crusader in Batman vs Superman in 2016, and then reprised his role in the star-studded superhero blockbuster the following year.

Ahead of his return to the iconic suit for the upcoming Flash film, which is hitting the big screen in June, the Hollywood icon reflected on his time as Batman.

Although he truly enjoyed ‘the five minutes’ that he is set to appear in the Flash, his time on Justice League was a very different experience.

‘You could teach a seminar on all the reasons why this is how not to do it. Ranging from production to bad decisions to horrible personal tragedy, and just ending with the most monstrous taste in my mouth,’ he told the Hollywood Reporter.

Director Zack Snyder stepped down from the production after the tragic death of his daughter, leading to Avengers director Joss Whedon coming in to replace him, finishing off the film.

Ben took on the role in Batman vs Superman, as well as Justice League (Picture: DC)

He carried out extensive reshoots and overhauled the project – but fans were left disappointed with the finished product, which led to the the acclaimed ‘Snyder cut’ being released in 2021.

Despite all the issues surrounding the flick, Ben conceded that it was his ‘highest-rated movie on IMDB’, compared to projects that he has won Oscars for.

‘I’ve never had one that went from nadir to pinnacle. Retroactively, it’s a hit. All of a sudden I was getting congratulated for the bomb I’m in,’ he said. ‘But I was going to direct a Batman, and [Justice League] made me go, “I’m out. I never want to do any of this again. I’m not suited.” That was the worst experience I’ve ever seen in a business which is full of some s***ty experiences. It broke my heart.

Ben admitted that he found it ‘hard’ on the project (Picture: Getty)

‘That was hard. And I started to drink too much. I was back at the hotel in London, it was either that or jump out the window. And I just thought, “This isn’t the life I want. My kids aren’t here. I’m miserable.”

‘You want to go to work and find something interesting to hang onto, rather than just wearing a rubber suit, and most of it you’re just standing against the computer screen going, “If this nuclear waste gets loose, we’ll…” That’s fine.

‘I don’t condescend to that or put it down, but I got to a point where I found it creatively not satisfying. Also just, you’re sweaty and exhausted. And I thought, “I don’t want to participate in this in any way. And I don’t want to squander any more of my life, of which I have a limited amount.”’

Ben was asked if he would consider getting behind the camera for a possible DC project, and added in no uncertain terms: ‘I would not direct something for the [James] Gunn DC. Absolutely not. I have nothing against James Gunn. Nice guy, sure he’s going to do a great job. I just wouldn’t want to go in and direct in the way they’re doing that. I’m not interested in that.’

Ben took a back seat from the role in 2019, with Robert Pattinson announced to be stepping into the costume shortly after.

His stint as the superhero hit the big screen last March, directed by Matt Reeves.

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