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Broadsign wins OOH Capital as a global strategic advisor

According to OOH Capital, it will conduct research to provide insights associated with both programmatic and non-programmatic transactions in key markets across the globe.

“We are deeply committed to our mission of simplifying and automating many areas of OOH to help our clients more effectively sell, manage, and deliver OOH campaigns,” says Burr Smith, CEO and chairperson of Broadsign.

“We are delighted with our new association with OOH Capital, a group of experts known for their deep industry knowledge and experience, to help advance strategies and focus in this area,” Smith adds.

The OOH sector is poised to experience unparalleled growth driven by:

  • accelerated digitalisation
  • advances in AdTech, and
  • better measurement that allows OOH to align more seamlessly with omnichannel buying decisions.

“We are looking forward to delivering real value to Broadsign as we conduct research that will unlock important information about DOOH AdTech worldwide. This work couldn’t be more essential right now considering the crucial role AdTech is playing in OOH’s growth trajectory,” concludes Annie Rickard, managing partner for OOH Capital.

For further information contact [email protected] or visit www.oohcapital.com.

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