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Buy fancy Mother’s Day flowers without breaking the bank

Get your Mum some lovely fresh flowers for Mother’s Day (Picture: Getty)

Fabulous flowers are a winning way to let your mum know just how much she’s appreciated on Mother’s Day.

In the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, it can be difficult to afford such a gesture but pick your blooms carefully and you needn’t clean out the account when showing Mum how much you love her.

Try these fabulous flowers chosen by florist Kaiva Kaimins…

Phalaenopsis orchid

Phalaenopsis orchids (Picture: Alamy)

Also known as the raspberry orchid, this delicate and feminine flower seems to float on the stem. It’s a stunning symbol of love for Mother’s Day and you will only need to buy one to make an impact. They only last a few days – which makes them extra special – and they say ‘I love you’ because they are so hard to come by. Style individually in a tall, slim vase. Make sure to keep away from heat
due to their fragility.

French tulip

French tulips (Picture: Alamy)

This is my favourite flower, with its extra-long, sexy stem, which, when the big tulip heads bloom, bend and sway in a very playful way. French tulips look best by themselves in a bunch of ten to 20 in a beautiful vase. Make sure there’s enough space for them to spread and do their thing. They come in lots of colours but look out for the incredible shape of the parrot variety.

Sweet peas

Sweet peas (Picture: Alamy)

Scented, with small but very dramatic form – they almost look like coral ruffles. Look out for the ombre-toned petals, from soft-pink to cream, or for a more alternative look you can even find dyed sweet peas in blues and limes. They look great styled in bud vases around the house. Tell Mum
to add one by her bedside table so
she can smell the scent as she’s falling asleep. Awww. Sweet.


Amaranthus (Picture: Alamy)

Drama in a cup. A real stand-out flower, amaranthus has the most beautiful, sultry shape as it drapes like a waterfall. It’s a textural flower and comes in red and lime-green – I prefer the red as they remind me of rubies. It looks beautiful in a bouquet – creating length, shape and movement. If you want something simple but stunning on a budget, give one in a vase by itself.


Hydrangeas (Picture: Alamy)

I adore the sculptural shape of hydrangeas – they look so happy and full. I use these as the base flower in our Mother’s Day mixed bouquets. Fun fact: hydrangea colours differ depending on the PH level of the soil and come in pinks, blues, whites and greens. They also dry very well for some everlasting love. Tell Mum to hang them upside down so they keep their shape. After about two weeks they will be dry, 
so she can keep 
them forever.


Anthurium (Picture: Alamy)

Bang-on-trend anthurium is a tropical flower and looks very waxy – so much so we often get asked if it’s fake. The sculptural shape is chic, sleek and minimal. It comes in many colours and gradients and can last two weeks if looked after properly. Style as a single stem in a vase on a budget, or add to a mixed bouquet for a bit of drama.

Gerbera daisy

Gerbera daisies (Picture: Alamy)

Gerbera daisies are a perfect budget-
 friendly love flower as they come
 in lots of varieties, shapes and sizes – just like mums! I like the ones with spidery petals. Gerbera were big in the 1970s and are now making a huge comeback. They look great in vases of mixed varieties
and colours.

Fringed tulip

Fringed tulips (Picture: Alamy)

These chic tulips come in pink and white with distinctive frayed edges, which look a little like distressed denim. These are always a huge hit for Mother’s Day, last for up to ten days and are also fairly budget-friendly.

Icelandic poppy

Icelandic poppies (Picture: Alamy)

These flowers are so beautiful, they look like they have been painted. They come in mixed, bright colours – my faves are the coral and the peachy varieties – and can last up to a week if treated right. Top tip – burn the end of the stems with a lighter to lock in the water source. They’re thirsty and like to over-drink, so this stops them from rotting and dying quickly.


Ranunculus (Picture: Alamy)

With a spherical shape (the prettiest variety is called klooni), ranunculus have a tight head of petals, so when they bloom they look extraordinary with their many layers – like cupcakes. They also come in mixed varieties, which remind me of sweets, and in multicoloured bunches of pink, orange, purple and yellow. They last a long time so you get good bang for your buck.

Kaiva Kaimins’ top tips for…


There are no hard and fast rules to styling a vase, says Kaiva. But here are some of her ideas to display yours…

  • Choose a vase that you like the look of – I love ones from Anissa Kermiche.
  • Consider if your arrangement will be front-facing or 360-degrees and style for the view that will be seen.
  • For a more minimal look, split your bouquet into small bunches of colour-coordinated flowers and put into separate vases.
  • Cut the flowers the same length for a more uniform display or, for a more sculptural look, cut them at different heights to add drama.
  • To get the best bang for your buck from your bouquet, separate the stems and spread them around the house using multiple vases.


  • Always use clean, cold, fresh water and fill to two-thirds in the vase.
  • Cut your stems at a 45-degree angle to open the drinking straw in the stem. This creates more of a surface area for the stems to drink.
  • Keep the arrangement away from sunlight, preferably in a cold space and away from radiators.
  • To keep flowers fresh, change the water each day and cut the stems again.

For more tips check out Kaiva Kaimins’ book Flower Porn. To pre-order Mother’s Day bouquets visit

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