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Cat loves to take a daily shower with her owner

Meet Pym, the cat who loves her daily shower (Picture: Caters)

Cats have a rep for hating water.

That’s certainly not the case for Pym, who demands a daily shower with her owner, Katie Behr.

Katie, a 31-year-old nurse practitioner from New York, rehomed Pym when she was seven weeks old.

Three weeks into living together, Katie noticed her pet had a rather strange fascination with water.

The kitten kept dipping her head under the bathroom taps, then eventually went right under the shower while it was on full blast.

As Pym’s confidence and curiosity grew, she began hopping into the shower and demanding to be bathed.

Now, Katie can’t take a shower without Pym joining her.

‘I remember the first time she got in the shower, and I called my mum after asking if it was normal,’ said Katie. ‘She said no, not at all!

‘The first time she got in I was taking a shower and she came in to dip her head under, she was only ten weeks old at this point.

‘I was really shocked at first because I thought cats didn’t like water, but I was also concerned because I like the shower really hot.

She may not look very happy, but Pym absolutely loves being in water (Picture: Katie Behr/ Caters News)

‘However, now I’ve learnt it’s the temperature Pym likes too!

‘Whenever she’s in the water she loves it and I think maybe it calms her down.

‘She gets in the shower with me every day, I’ll get ready to get in, look around, and Pym will be there waiting under the taps.

‘Pym keeps track of my schedule so whether it’s day or night, she’s ready to get in there for some reason, she never whines, just waits.

‘I think some people think “why don’t you just shut her out?”

She demands a daily shower and refuses to let Katie wash alone (Picture: Katie Behr/ Caters News)

‘Well I’ve actually tried this and she responded by pawing at the door.

‘Shower time is now a team effort!’

Katie starting sharing videos of Pym’s unexpected habit on TikTok and Instagram, and people are, as you’d expect, obsessed.

The duo’s musical choices are key, too, as the cat and her owner of course need to sing during their daily shower.

She has her own post-shower robe, of course (Picture: Katie Behr/ Caters News)

‘The reason I initially managed to capture Pym in the shower is because I always have my phone in there on the shelf, as I listen to music while showering,’ said Katie. ‘So yeah, that’s how I videoed her.

‘Me and Pym love a bit of Celine Dion at the moment!

‘She’s an incredibly sociable cat and very cuddly.

‘She’s so loving and always greets me with a squeak.’

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