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Chhavi Mittal Suggests Superfoods You ‘Must’ Include Into Your Diet

Living a healthy lifestyle is one of the most crucial ways to shield yourself from a plethora of health problems. To do that, one must start consuming a balanced diet. Chhavi Mittal, a cancer survivor, recently dropped a video on her YouTube space and inspired fans. In the video, she shared a list of quintessential foods that one must certainly inculcate into their diet. While sharing the superfoods, she also talked about their benefits.

Along with the video, the actress penned that she leaves no stone unturned to make sure that she eats a healthy diet. And therefore, she decided to share the food items from her diet that she religiously consumes with her followers online.

Amla juice:

To make the juice, the actress shared that she grates the amla, squeezes out its juice, infuses it with water and drinks it. Chhavi shared that she consumes it regularly in the morning. According to the actress, amla juice is incredibly helpful for boosting immunity, preventing hair loss, and resolving skin problems as well as acidity issues.


Nuts are abundant in micronutrients, fibre, minerals and good monosaturated fats which aid in maintaining weight as well as metabolism. Chhavi shared that she consumes soaked nuts including walnuts, dates, black raisins, figs and almonds.


All sorts of berries are loaded with antioxidants and anti-ageing properties. Hence, she recommended people infuse berries into their diet. In addition to adding that berries could be a great snacking option, she shared that she adds berries to her smoothies and yoghurt.


The actress says that yoghurt is low in calories and rich in calcium. If you are someone who is on a weight loss venture, then adding it to your diet would be a healthy decision.

Green leafy vegetables:

She even recommends including green leafy vegetables packed with vitamin A, vitamin C and fibre.


One can have it with water or infuse it into ladoos or pancakes. Chhavi recommends people regularly consume it as they are high in protein and also provides good sustainable energy.

Coconut oil:

Consuming a teaspoon of coconut oil on its own or adding it to coffee or smoothies will keep your skin shining and provide anti-ageing effects.


The actress advises people to consume two of the following seeds on a regular basis as they are healthy and have anti-inflammatory qualities.

Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower seeds
Basil seeds
Chia seeds
Sesame seeds
Hemp seeds
Flax seeds

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