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Easy pancake recipes with the cheapest ingredients

Need a free-from pancake mixture?

No matter what your dietary requirements are, there’s a pancake for you.

Vegan pancake recipes

Vegan pancakes don’t need a special mix or expensive ingredients, they can be even cheaper than traditional pancakes. A little extra raising agent and plant-based milk is all you need for vegan American pancakes. You can even make a vegan pancake mix that is ready to whip up first thing in the morning.

Gluten-free pancake recipes

A mix of rice flour and tapioca flour works a treat in these traditional gluten-free pancakes, but if you want something with a little lift these buckwheat pancakes can also be made gluten-free.

Egg-free pancake recipes

Egg provides texture as well as flavour in pancakes. Alternatives, such as mashed banana, work well in both fluffy eggless pancakes and flat pancakes. All vegan pancake recipes are suitable, but you can use dairy products instead of any alternative milks or oils.

Dairy-free pancakes

If you need to avoid dairy, you can do a straight swap of cow’s milk for the dairy-free milk of your choice and simply fry the pancakes in oil, rather than butter.

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