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Eco-Logic Awards announces 2022 winners

According to the awards, it was the first time that the awards could be celebrated at a public gathering since Covid-19.

The awards say that there was a great turnout and that it was buzzing with excitement as high-profile dignitaries, special guests, celebrities, CEOs and 38 eco-champion finalists across 12 categories gathered in amazing ‘glamorously green’ outfits.

It is also the first time that the awards will be televised. Individuals can tune in to People’s Weather DStv channel 180 and Openview channel 115 on Friday, 30 September between 19:00 and 21:00 (repeat screenings at 08:00-10:00 and 14:00-16:00).

Individuals can watch to:

  • see all the  finalists
  • meet the winners
  • mingle with South Africa’s (SA) best-loved celebs, and
  • admire the colourful array of imaginative and creative recycled, upcycled and eco-friendly ‘glamorously green’ outfits.

Certainly, a fun highlight of the evening was rewarding the best-dressed guests, which included Tarryn Johnston.

The master of ceremonies, Zandile Ndhlovu — also known as ‘The Black Mermaid’ — SA’s first black African freediving instructor and founder of The Black Mermaid Foundation, which seeks to create a new generation of ocean guardians and capacitate youth participation in the Blue Ocean Economy.

The event received a host of celebrity shout-outs from popular celebrities including:

  • South African music artists Jeremy Loops and Zolani Mahola
  • eco-warrior and adventurer Riaan Manser, and
  • stand-up comic Nik Rabinowitz.

The event also featured a live performance from Anita Jackson, an active ambassador of WildAid, with a mission to protect wildlife from illegal trade and other threats.

The ceremony honoured the late Claire Janisch, the founder of Biomimicry South Africa, who was posthumously awarded 2022’s Eco-Light Bearer Award, for her substantial contribution to protecting, preserving and healing the earth.

The overall event was dedicated to the late Desmond Tutu, an eco-ubuntu champion. 

The event says that the real stars of the evening were the 38 finalists from an array of backgrounds, selected across 12 categories and from all over the country during August after the entries were assessed by a panel of judges consisting of influential environmental voices.

“These ‘Eco-Champions’ give us a reason for hope and optimism as they inspire us and demonstrate that through eco-logical intelligence, we can all make a significant positive impact and collectively we can heal this planet — and in the process, heal ourselves,” says Eco-Logic Awards founder and director David Parry-Davies, who is also the publisher of Enviropaedia.

The 2022 Eco-Logical Awards — in the order of Gold, Silver and Bronze — is as follows:

The Nature Conservation winners are as follows:

  1. Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation Sea Turtle Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release Programme
  2. Wildlife ACT, and
  3. Nature Connect.

The Climate Change Award winners are as follows:

  1. Professor Guy F Midgley
  2. WESSA KIC Project, and
  3. The Solar Impulse Foundation and GreenCape.

The Eco-Innovation winners are as follows:

  1. RESIN8
  2. Reclite SA Circular Solar, and
  3. The Value-Added Industries Programme.

The Circular Economy and Waste Innovation winners are as follows:

  1. Danone NutriDay Tubs2Classrooms Project
  2. SA Plastics Pact, and
  3. RESIN8.

The Water Conservation winners are as follows:

  1. Invasive alien plants and water security by David Le Maitre
  2. The Berg River Improvement Plan, and
  3. Bioremediation of Water, E Tabs

The Eco-Fashion and Lifestyle winners are as follows:

  1. Hemporium Hemp Textiles, Clothing and Accessories
  2. Lara Klawikowski, and
  3. David Green Eyewear.

The Eco-Health and Wellness winners are as follows:

  1. Leafline
  2. Triple Orange Manufacturing, and
  3. Nina Manzi.

The Eco-Friendly Products 
winners are as follows:

  • KleenUP ‘#PlumberInABoxKit’ with nano and biotech 
  • TLCRS Rocket stove
  • Kindly living — Reusable Sponges (joint Bronze), and
  • Tumble Green (joint Bronze).

The Eco-Community & Schools winners are as follows:

  1. PHA Food and Farming’ Campaign
  2. Hennops Revival, and
  3. Friends of the Liesbeek.

The Eco-Hospitality and Tourism winners are as follows:

  • Vergelegen Wine Estate
  • Hotel Verde
  • CTICC (joint Bronze), and
  • Sun City (joint Bronze).

The Eco-Angel winners are as follows:

  • Christo Marais
  • Fortunate Mafeta Phaka, and
  • Tarryn Johnston.

The Eco-Warrior winners are as follows:

  1. Neville Van Rooy
  2. Mark David Anderson, and
  3. Brian Van Wilgen.

For more information, visit You can also follow the Eco-Logic Awards on Facebook or on Twitter.

Eco-Logic Awards 2022 Eco Logic Awards Eco Logic Awards winners Green economy Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation Wildlife ACT Nature Connect WESSA KIC Project RESIN8 Reclite SA Circular Solar The Value-Added Industries Programme Danone NutriDay Tubs2Classrooms Project SA Plastics Pact RESIN8 The Berg River Improvement Plan Bioremediation of Water Hemporium Lara Klawikowski David Green Eyewear Leafline Triple Orange Manufacturing Nina Manzi #PlumberInABoxKit TLCRS Rocket stove



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