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Everything Mothers Need to Know about Bone Health

Last Updated: January 26, 2023, 12:50 IST

Age-related dietary requirements for bone health vary.

Age-related dietary requirements for bone health vary.

For working women, maintaining good bone health is crucial, according to Dr. Sai Krishna B Naidu, Head of the Orthopaedics-Bone and Joint Surgery Department at Fortis Hospital, Richmond Road, Bengaluru. Read here to know what the expert has to share

In today’s fast moving world the bone health has been very essential for working mothers. Bone health is based on the dietary supplements along with exercises such as walking or playing. Calcium supplements of working mothers who are breast feeding their infants and pre menopausal women need is higher than normal population.

Bone health dietary needs are different according to the age. In younger the current problems being lack of sunlight exposure for causing poor calcium absorption due lack of vit -D synthesis. At middle age and working young population it is due to lack of again vit D and exercises.

In elderly population it is osteoporosis i.e. rapid bone dying.

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So how do we address this above issues?

  • Firstly educating and awareness of the dietary rich foods of calcium and Vit D such as:
  • Calcium – milk, yogurt, spinach, almonds, fish (sardines and salmon) oranges, broccoli, mushrooms etc.
  • Vit D – fish (sardines, salmon, tuna etc), cod liver oil, egg yolk, mushrooms and above all sunlight.

Daily requirement chart as below:c

daily requirement chart

Secondly emphasis on the importance of exercises for bone calcium mineralization and demineralization . This above process along with Vit D and Vit K causes the strengthening of the bones. Normally our body undergoes bone changes with bone loss followed by new bone formation and deposition this is a constant process to aid this process for good bone quality activity and exercises are essential , this can be in the form of walking , running , gym or even dancing. ( a very good form of exercise)

Thirdly the elderly population, they are entirely a different subset due to most of them suffering from osteoporosis. Osteoporosis cannot be entirely prevented, but the impact is this condition can be significantly minimized by education, adequate medical screening and testing followed by rightly treating it.

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Osteoporosis is a condition where there is excessive bone loss in women due to hormonal imbalance at menopause/ elderly and in men above 60yrs due rapid demineralization process of the bones. Recognizing this condition in very early is important for prevention and treatment. This can be prevented by hormonal therapy at menopause with medications such as Bis phosphonate. This class of drugs prevent the rapid bone loss. However this has to be done by a certified clinician with adequate tests being done prior, such as DEXA scan and certain simple blood tests . Certain conditions such as thyroid and other hormonal imbalances can also be addressed if rightly diagnosed and prevent weak bones.

daily requirement chart

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