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God Of War Ragnarök studio ‘spread out’ over other projects

God Of War Ragnarök – who will be back and when?
(pic: Sony)

It may be a long time till we see another God Of War game as its developer is ‘spread out’ across various projects.

With God Of War Ragnarök out now, some fans are naturally curious about what could be next for developer Santa Monica Studio.

Despite Ragnarök being the last game set in Scandinavia, it’s unlikely that Sony will want to retire God Of War as one of its premiere franchises. So, the team at Santa Monica must be working on a follow-up already, right?

Maybe not, as Cory Barlog, producer on God Of War Ragnarök and director of the 2018 game, has mentioned that Santa Monica is busy with multiple other projects.

He obviously didn’t go into the specifics, only saying that the studio is ‘spread out on a lot of different things.’

Assuming none of them are a God Of War sequel, or even related to the series, this could suggest that the studio wants to pump the brakes a bit and try working on something a bit different.

You could hardly blame them if that is the case, as Santa Monica has been making God Of War games non-stop since the first one from 2005.

There is a separate External Development group that assists with projects at other studios, but that hasn’t worked on anything since 2016.

In terms of guessing what they might be doing, it wouldn’t be surprising if Sony had Santa Monica working on at least one of its upcoming live service titles.

The publisher said earlier this year that it’s aiming to release 10 of them by 2026 and while it’s bought out new studios to make a couple of them, it’s no doubt enlisted some of its already established studios too.

None of this means Santa Monica is quitting the God Of War series though. Aside from Barlog, The LA Times also spoke with God Of War Ragnarök’s director Eric Williams, who has no issues if Santa Monica winds up focusing on God Of War titles.

‘I remember talking to someone from another game company, where they were trying to get me to leave,’ he explained. ‘They said, ‘Do you just want to be known as the God Of War guy for the rest of your life?’ That was your big pitch to dissuade me? Because yes, I kind of do.’

Even before God Of War Ragnarök launched, there were questions about where the series could go next since it was ending the Norse saga after only two games.

The obvious assumption is that subsequent games will visit other pantheons. In fact, there’s hints that Egyptian and Celtic gods, amongst others, are also worshipped in the series’ universe. Although it’s never been confirmed the gods themselves exist.

Whether or not this was foreshadowing and Santa Monica intends to follow through on these ideas for another game remains to be seen.

God Of War Ragnarök is available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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