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helping women get a foot in the door with outdoor

As we settle into the latter half of 2022, it is encouraging to see that there has been a gradual but definite shift across the industry, particularly in the media agency space.

There are more women in senior positions when engaging with media partners.

Considering that women make up more than 50% of the South African media and marketing industry, it’s high time that we started to see more female representation at the leadership table.

There has also been an increase in women-owned start-up outfits entering the OOH industry. The overall number of women entering the outdoor media arena has also risen.

When recruiting, there are far more applications from women, as well as more females being present at industry events. All of these point toward the media industry’s growth, maturation and progress.

But is it happening fast enough? When it comes to female representation in senior leadership roles in the case of the larger OOH media owners, the needle is slow to move. Here, mentorship — particularly driven by our industry’s women leaders — can provide a helping hand.

Mentorship has a critical role to play in an ever-changing, fast-moving industry where new developments, challenges and opportunities are par for the course.

Having a sounding board that can guide you in both your professional and personal journey can make all the difference, helping to propel you up the next rung on your career ladder. Having this network of great minds to lean on is crucial.

Former Fortune 100 civision president and CEO Maryann Bruce sums it up well when she says, “As senior leaders, we have an obligation to mentor and support women in the workforce — to aid in their professional development, to help build their confidence and to guide them through challenges as they advance in their careers. I believe that mentoring is one of the top strategies to help close the gender gap in business leadership.”

As leaders, our responsibility is to ensure that we support other women throughout their journeys. Women face a slew of fears that don’t seem to plague men (at least, not to the same degree). We:

  • doubt ourselves
  • avoid certain roles that we believe to be beyond our capabilities, and
  • are also more likely to suffer from imposter syndrome.

But the flip side of this is that, as leaders, we better empathise with these fears in other women. We:

  • understand them
  • have faced them at some other stage in our own careers, and
  • have put them to bed.

Who better to help others tackle their fears than us?

Mentees benefit from having someone in their corner who can provide guidance and expose them to new ways of thinking and opportunities that they may not be privy to otherwise.

On the other hand, mentors benefit from knowing they have helped bring their mentees one step closer to realising their full potential — often learning something new along the way too.

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