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Here’s how to make the most of St. Patrick’s Day [Infographic]

Now we all know that ‘ye’ social media feeds can look a little brown, down and out every now and then.

But this little leprechaun can create some greenery with a snap of a finger!

National days can give your profiles the ‘sparkle’ it needs to catch the wandering eyes of your followers. They make your content:

  • fun
  • relatable
  • quirky, and
  • align to movements or values that they can also resonate with.

What does this mean? Engagement, likes and comments!

So, if you see the benefits that come with posting a good ol’ Irish tale on your tip-top profile, take a look at this infographic that media update’s Robyn du Preez put together for the best ways to go about it:

What other days or celebrations do you think should have a presence on social media in 2023? Let us know in the comments!

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*Image courtesy of Canva
**Information sourced from Venngage and LocaliQ

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