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How to pull off a pixie cut like Emma Watson

The actress is the face of Prada Beauty (Picture: @Pradabeauty/Instagram)

Emma Watson was recently revealed as the face of Prada Paradoxe, a brand new fragrance from the renowned fashion house.

As well as starring in the campaign, the Harry Potter actress also made her directorial debut with an accompanying short film described as a ‘celebration of what it means to be a living paradox.’

Among the ’60s-themed fashion and barely-there makeup in the shots, Emma’s cropped hair is proving to be a talking point among trendsetters – and not for the first time either.

The 32-year-old has revived her iconic pixie cut, with face framing strands and a gamine micro-fringe in a deep, brown shade.

It’s been over a decade since Emma Watson first got the chop, telling Wonderland: ‘I felt bold, and it felt empowering because it was my choice. It felt sexy too.’

There’s no doubt it compliments her look, emphasising her bone structure and petite features. But is it a look that everyone can pull off?

It’s been over a decade since she first debuted a cropped ‘do (Picture: @Pradabeauty/Instagram)

According to Laura Elliot, head of education at Neal & Wolf, not exactly.

She tells ‘Sadly, everyone can’t suit everything! It will all depend on your face shape; I tend to find that more oval face shapes are ideal for this type of cut.’

However, all is not lost, as even those who might not naturally suit this short style can tweak it to make it their own.

‘You can opt for more “un-done” look by softening areas such as the fringe, if your face is slightly rounder,’ says Laura.

‘Or if you prefer more of an alternative style, you can have bulk taken out of your cut to add texture and “wispiness”, this will give your style a sharper, more defined look.’

Short hair can be accessorised and styled to suit you (Picture: PA)

Emma has gone for a more grown-up version of her previous pixie ‘do, featuring a blunt fringe, tendrils around the ears, and texture up top to add a little edge.

If you want to give it a go, it’s worth first considering whether you can handle a drastic change to your look – particularly if you have long hair.

Try using a photo app to get an idea of how a cropped cut will look on you, and consider how you’ll trim and style it as it grows out; hair grows at an average of half an inch per month, so planning ahead helps avoid that awkward in-between stage.

Back in 2010, Emma went for a more feminine side-fridge with tonal highlights (Picture: WireImage)

Laura adds: ‘To style a pixie cut, I would recommend choosing products that aid in adding texture and hold to ensure it keeps its shape.

‘For short styles I like to use Neal & Wolf’s Shape Pliable Paste, Dry Texture & Finishing Spray, and Flexible Styling Hairspray – these products will add that much needed grip and texture to hold your style in place.’

A delicate pixie cut also looks great with accessories like clips and bands, particularly if they add a pop of colour or sparkle.

Always take some inspiration pictures into the salon to help your hairdresser see your vision, and don’t be afraid to ask for their input on what would look best for you.

We can’t promise you’ll leave looking like Emma Watson, but hopefully you’ll feel as bold, empowered, and sexy as she did rocking the style.

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