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Lidl’s sell-out clothing range is coming back

Lidl on price, big on streetwear inspired fashion (Picture: Lidl)

Lidl is not the fashion icon we expected, but the discount retailer’s clothing line proved to be a major hit.

Shoppers queued for hours to get their hands on branded merchandise back in 2021, with the range selling out in the blink of an eye.

And now it looks like we’ll be seeing a repeat of Lidl-mania, as the German supermarket has announced the release of its second budget-friendly collection.

Lidl x Lidl items will hit shelves on Thursday March 23, with clothing and accessories priced from as little as £1.99.

Items in the store’s signature primary colours include socks for under £2 and branded balls for £2.99 each.

There’s also men’s swimming shorts for £5.99 and summer-ready sliders that’ll leave you with change from a fiver.

The collection has had a 2023 update (Picture: Lidl)
The Lidl x Lidl trainers are back – and this time they’re slightly more muted (Picture: Lidl)

One of the hottest items in the initial drop were logo-emblazoned trainers.

At peak popularity, one pair was sold every three seconds, and resellers cashed in on the hype with heavily marked-up prices (including a pair on Finnish auction site Tori listed for a whopping £5,400).

Branded sliders are priced at £4.99 (Picture: Lidl)
Choose from black or white graphic tees (Picture: Lidl)

The updated versions in this collection are more muted, featuring a white sole and upper alongside red, blue and yellow accents. However, you can expect a similarly crazed rush to get hold of them for the RRP of £14.99.

Lidl described the first iteration shoes as a ‘must-have for any Lidl-loving fan, or followers of the latest trainer trends’, adding, ‘their classic retro style makes them the perfect pop of colour for any look’.

Graphic tees for adults and children are also available, in black and white colourways to make the bright logo stand out.

The Lidl x Lidl fashion line launches in stores on Thursday March 23, so set your alarm now if you want to snap anything up.

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