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More and More Visitors Are Being Pleasantly Surprised by Tamaulipas, Mexico

The northeast Mexican state of Tamaulipas is a revelation destination thanks to its wide range of experiences and places to visit, according to Fernando Olivera Rocha, Secretary of Tourism of the government of Tamaulipas.

The numbers back that up. From January to August 2022, Tamaulipas received more than 9.5 million local visitors, which surpasses the 9 million tourists that arrived in 2019, the previous record year.


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Travelers can look forward to 400 kilometers of sun and beach, one million hectares of protected natural areas, 27,000 hotel rooms, a robust array of gastronomic offerings, medical tourism and business services and amenities, among other qualities.

In the case of the coasts, Olivera Rocha said that “Tamaulipas is the destination with the cleanest beaches in all of Mexico.” It received the international Blue Flag distinction and the recognition of Cofepris, the Mexican agency that evaluates the cleanliness of beaches.

Recognizing the correct cleaning practices, water quality, and environmental management, Miramar Beach, Tamaulipas’s greatest tourist promenade, received the Blue Flag international distinction for the third consecutive time granted by the Foundation for Environmental Education. This new achievement joins the national certifications that Miramar has, as well as being the first inclusive beach in the Gulf of Mexico.

Tamaulipas has an excellent infrastructure for the groups and conventions segment as well. “We have four centers, representing more than 30,000 square meters of the exhibition floor,” said the secretary. And outstanding connectivity. Tampico is only 4.5 hours from Mexico City by road, and, in addition, the state has five international airports.

Olivera Rocha is convinced of information technologies. And he assures that they have changed how people travel and how new advances promise to make the experience more pleasurable, as the choice of destination and activities are linked to them.

In the next two decades, Mexico will be oriented toward providing services, which is why cultural and natural resources are essential and impossible to replicate elsewhere, as highlighted by the Secretary of Tourism of Tamaulipas.

“Tourism is a sector that has not stopped growing in the last 50 years, and, despite the pandemic, it was one of the activities that rebounded the fastest in economic income,” he said.

The head of Sectur de Tamaulipas pointed out that hunting and sport fishing tourism offers fabulous natural and cultural wealth, such as beaches, canyons, a protected natural area, a critical archeological zone, and two wonderful Pueblos Mágicos (magical towns): Tula and Mier.

Another area to highlight is the state’s handicrafts: Tamaulipas leather; ixtle, bamboo, wood, and stone handicrafts; the traditional “huapilla,” a drink made from the fruit of the same name; mezcal and craft beer, to mention a few products.

Ceviche (Photo courtesy of iStock / Getty Images Plus / Proformabooks)

Olivera Rocha said that part of the attraction of Tamaulipas is also the delicious gastronomy. Visitors can delight themselves with different samples of local dishes, characterized by their flavor and freshness and for being the perfect fusion with endemic ingredients of the state. And he mentioned various dishes such as crab a la Frank, kid, flautas de harina (long flour tacos), teodorinas, and torta de la barda.

From traditional Tampico cuisine to the ancient zacahuil recipes, with the vitality of prawns and the taste of crab, the Tamaulipas gastronomy is so vast that visitors may choose from seafood, meat, corn or different fusion cuisine that has emerged as a result of the influence of the neighboring states: San Luis Potosí, Veracruz, Nuevo León, and even Texas in the U.S.

When visiting Tampico and Madero, you can find great seafood at local restaurants or other modest establishments. It would be best to try the delicious ceviche, seafood soup, fish, cocktails, and crab in different presentations. These are only some of the options to delight travelers looking to discover Tamaulipas through its flavors, smells, and textures.

It’s worth noting that people in Tamaulipas love going out to eat. Thus, it is no wonder that portions are generous almost everywhere. It would be best if you came with a great appetite, which is made easy by merely looking at the dishes. So, if you’ve spent your morning exploring the streets and museums of Tamaulipas, an afternoon meal will reenergize you.

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