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Mum shares a hack to cut how long it takes for your clothes to dry

Have you tried this? (Picture: Carolina McCauley)

Need to leave the house but all your clothes are damp? If only they could dry sooner…

Well, you’re in luck, disorganised friend, because a mum has a hack that she claims will cut your tumble dryer time ‘by 30%.’

Carolina McCauley, from Perth, Australia, shares plenty of cleaning and organisational hacks to her five million followers on TikTok.

She says that for a speedy laundry process, you just need to add one simple item to your tumble dryer: a clean towel.

‘If you’re tired of waiting for clothes to dry, try this super fast drying hack,’ Carolina posted on Instagram.

‘If you add a clean, dry towel at the beginning of your drying cycle, then start the dryer, the towel helps to absorb moisture.’

Carolina said you should then take the towel out of the dryer after 15 minutes, and this will cut your drying time by 30%.

Her followers were quick to say they’d be giving this trick a go, while others shared their own cleaning hacks.

One person wrote: ‘If your clean clothes are wrinkled because you didn’t hang them up or fold yet, you can toss into the dryer with a clean damp washcloth or hand towel and tumble dry to steam out the wrinkles’.

It’s not just the towel trick Caroline has up her sleeve.

On the topic of laundry, she also recommends adding a touch of essential oils to wool dryer balls to leave clothes smelling fresh and clean.

She also recommends leaving the machine door open to let moisture escape and prevent mould and grime building up.

And if you manage to get any stains on clothes, then she says ‘catch them as quick as possible’ by soaking the items in stain remover before throwing it in the wash.

The more you know.

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