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Mum’s amazing reaction at £30k lottery win she dismissed as a ‘hoax’

Kate Coleman, 48, from Little Paxton in Cambridgeshire, and her husband Simon

A mum was left stunned when she returned home to her daughter telling her she’d just won £30,000 in a postcode lottery.

Kate Coleman, 48, from Little Paxton in Cambridgeshire, refused to believe Macy at first when the teenager handed her the prize cheque as she walked through the front door.

When the truth finally dawned on her she dropped to her knees and held her head in her hands as her daughter filmed her reaction for a video that’s now gone viral.

‘My legs were like jelly – it was just crazy.’ said Kate.

‘It was amazing to win that amount of money, and such a surprise. We’ve been on a high ever since.’

Kate and her neighbour Sasha Angell were contacted by People’s Postcode Lottery after scooping £30,000 each when their PE19 6QX postcode won the draw on Sunday, March 19.

But Kate dismissed the calls as a scam and went to work – missing lottery ambassador Danyl Johnson as he paid a visit to their street.

That meant the cheque was handed to Macy instead, who managed to keep it a secret until her mum returned home.

 ‘I couldn’t believe I missed the delivery. I was so lucky they continued getting in touch and gave us the money,’ said Kate. 

‘I thought it was a scam because it seems like you never actually win these things. 

‘Even after getting the cheque, I went up to see my neighbours because I still wanted to make sure it was really true.’

That night, Kate bought a takeaway to celebrate with her deputy maintenance manager husband Simon, 48, their daughters – Macy, 19, and Jasmin, 16 – and son Frankie, 11.

‘We’ve all got big birthdays next year – my husband and I are 50 and our eldest is 21 so it would be good to do a big holiday,’ said Kate.

‘Our youngest wants to buy a games console, while Jasmin is going to book a toilet and shower for Reading Festival. She could only afford the ticket before!

‘Simon wants to buy a bike while the eldest is putting the money towards her car fund.’

Kate and Simon with their children Macy, 19, Jasmin, 16 and son Frankie, 11

Kate, who is about to start a new job as a receptionist at a doctor’s surgery, has been playing People’s Postcode Lottery since 2019 and had bought one ticket in the winning draw.

She’s now going to be a guest at the lottery’s charity gala in May.

It was the second win for Kate’s neighbour, IT business analyst Sasha, who previously won £1,000 at her old address.

Sasha was equally surprised when her cheque for £30,000 was brought to her doorstep in Little Paxton, saying: ‘It feels unreal. It’s unbelievable, it’s taking a while to settle in!’.

She and her partner Robert are now planning an all-inclusive holiday with their four kids featuring sun, sandy beaches, and water slides.

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