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Nicework calls on community to participate in ‘#10DaysofNice’

According to Nicework, one random act of niceness can change someone’s life and ripple out to flood the world.

Nicework adds that ‘#10DaysofNice’ plans to turn the tide and act as a catalyst in this sea of change by raising all creatives to a level of success where everyone’s ship comes in.

The project aims to:

  • honour artists
  • celebrate art, and
  • spread random acts of niceness across Web3.

This includes impact-driven work that supports social or environmental causes. 

‘#10DaysofNice’ kicked off on Monday, 26 September and is calling on the creative community to support artists wanting to develop their craft and find their purpose in this space.

Nicework says that while creators are gifted with design talent, self-promotion isn’t always their strong suit. It is, however, necessary — which is why Nicework is allying with creatives who may lack the non-tech hard skills associated with building a business to amplify their message and potential.

“NFTs unlock a mechanism by which we can give things in a scalable and sustainable way — as opposed to just our time — because you can only give away so much time,” says founder and owner of Nicework Ross Drakes. “With NFTs, niceness can be built into the DNA of the project. And so, by working on the project, you’re doing something nice at the same time.”

“This idea of treating everybody with respect, love and kindness is really a part of the Nicework culture,” says creative director Shannon Davis. “Giving back is something that Drakes and I have spoken about over the years. This project allows us to do that for the first time which is exciting.”

Nicework says that individuals can get involved and make this new world of art appreciation a nicer place for everyone by:

Becoming a contributing artist
All artists across multiple disciplines can apply to work with Project Nice and use it as a platform to showcase their creative talent digitally.

Nicework says that it is leaning on its core brand-building competencies to offer real opportunities for equitable creative ownership by leveraging blockchain technology with a people-first approach to generate a lasting impact.

Becoming a friend of Project Nice
It’s a global community of friends who work together to support creatives and spread niceness.

Nicework is using social media to find artists who need a little bit of niceness to unlock their potential and are leaning on the supportive network to amplify this.

Collecting a NICE NFT
Collectors can support Project Nice through the NFT collection. Each NFT is a ticket into a draw for art-related prizes and helps raise money for the social impact fund, as well as contributing directly to the artist’s payment for the NFT.

For more information, visit You can also follow Nicework on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram

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