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Niyel airs Hello Doc podcast on top radio stations

The series kicked off on Monday, 26 September. 

It aired on Ouaga FM, Burkina Faso (also LIVE streamed via Facebook) and will be aired weekly on radio stations in Nigeria (in English) and in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burkina Faso (in French).

There will be six episodes covering topics such as:

  • the importance of vaccination
  • vaccination schedules
  • the role of fathers in immunisation,
  • the impact of immunisation on communities, and
  • how vaccination improves the economic fortunes of families.

“Creating a platform for people to discuss vaccines and immunisation and to engage with experts to clarify misinformation and misconceptions is essential in increasing confidence in life-saving vaccines and routine immunisation. Also, engaging through radio ensures that most communities are reached through a media platform accessible to them,” says Dr Obinna Ebirim, senior advocacy officer at Niyel.

Titled The Importance of Vaccination, the first episode of the 15-minute podcast will be information-packed and offer insights into the health and non-health values of vaccines and how missed vaccinations in children can:

  • lead to a delayed start in schooling
  • impair normal cognitive development, and
  • have a negative impact on a child’s social functioning and educational prospects.

Dr Laz Eze says, “It’s an honour to be part of this action to create awareness on the importance of vaccines and address misinformation or misconceptions. Even as an expert on this topic, I believe there are always new things to learn. That’s why it’s important to have continuous conversations and engagement about vaccines and immunization and how it can benefit individuals and communities.”

Valerie Traore, founder and executive director of Niyel, says, “Historic lack of confidence in vaccines and immunisations worsened by Covid-19 events has made the negative effect of distrust in vaccines even more profound. Since December 2021, we have been working to increase routine immunisation confidence in Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Nigeria and, ultimately, saving lives.”

“Having a diverse group of health experts who are at the forefront — sharing their knowledge and availing themselves to answer questions after the podcast airs — gives this campaign the credibility it deserves. It’s our hope that our audience finds it equally engaging and informative,” says Laetitia Badolo, director of advocacy and impact at Niyel.

By extending the podcast to radio, the campaign will be more inclusive and interactive as it will include a 15-minute call-in period after the podcast broadcast, where listeners can ask questions and speak to the expert or comment on the podcast.

Listeners can also engage online using the hashtags ‘#PUHI’ and ‘#ChangeCreators’.

Individuals can tune in to the first episode on the following radio stations and dates:

  • RTNC, Kinshasa Frequency: 3985.00MHz on Tuesday, 27 September at 15h05 GMT+1.
  • Radio Oméga, Bobo Dioulasso Fréquence: 103.9 on Wednesday, 28 September at 16h00 GMT.
  • Citizen FM, Abuja Frequency: 93.7 FM on Thursday, 29 September at 11h30 GMT+1.
  • Info FM, Lagos Frequency: 99.3 FM on Thursday, 29 September at 11h30 GMT+1.
  • Mama Radio, Bukavu Frequency: 96.6 FM on Friday, 30 September at 19h30 GMT+1.

For more information, visit www.niyel.net. You can also follow Niyel on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.

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