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Nutrition Expert Explains How Licorice Can Help You Manage Diabetes

Diabetes cannot be cured but only managed, for now. The condition, which is characterised by elevated blood sugar levels, afflicts millions across the globe. However, a carefully curated healthy diet can go a long way in dealing with chronic diseases like diabetes.

A healthy diet that teems with fibre and protein helps in keeping blood sugar levels stable. Make sure to include enough vegetables, seasonal fruits, and nuts in your daily diet. Along with this, diabetes management through home remedies is one of the ideal ways to deal with the situation.

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To take an extra step towards your health, you could also add some herbs to your diabetes diet like Licorice, or mulethi, which are known for their anti-diabetic properties.

Mulethi or liquorice roots have long been revered in Ayurveda for their health-promoting properties. It is a herb that grows throughout Asia and Europe. Because of the inherent sweetness of the extract, it is commonly utilized as a flavouring additive in addition to medications.

Nutrition expert Bhuvan Rastogi often shares tips through photos and videos showcasing how consuming clean and green can help in leading a healthy life.

And, as per a report by Hindustan Times, he recently shared the benefits, consumption, and side-effects of the “desi herb”.

He even shared evidence of his proficiency with his personal experience. “I have been using mulethi powder or Licorice root powder in my tea for the last 1 year and don’t feel the need for sugar at all, it is not as sweet but with each sip the sweetness builds up to a substantial feel. The amount shown in the video was enough to sweeten 2 giant mugs of 200ml tea each.”

In the caption, he also suggested: “Avoid the processed form of Licorice in any packaged product as that can be in higher concentrations.”

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