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NYF partners with Paul Marobella for State of the Biz series

The series State of the Biz — What Does Modern Marketing Mean? teamed up with Marobella and four A-list industry game-changing leaders on its latest episode to discuss what modern marketing means in 2023.

According to NYF, Together these C-suite innovators, known for their high-stakes decision-making ability and strategic skills, shared their perspective on modern marketing.

The speakers where as follows:

  • Host — Paul Marobella, chief executive officer, VOKAL
  • Jason Harris, chief executive officer, Mekanism
  • Laura Maness, global chief executive officer, Grey
  • Lisa Pillet, global chief marketing officer, Fossil Group, and
  • Brenda Tsai, chief marketing officer, State Street.

NYF says that through thought-provoking questions and insightful analysis, the panel explores:

  • what a balanced go-to-market strategy looks like,
  • how data-driven marketing is evolving, creativity in the era of AI, and
  • the shift in talent strategy as technology advances, cultural relevance.

“Our North Star with NYF’s State of the Biz is to deliver thought-provoking, informative, and powerful insights from our industry’s best and this month’s panel is no exception,” says Marobella.

“Our key takeaway is that the magic of modern creativity and marketing is perpetual, constantly shape-shifting, requiring the best marketers to not only lean into innovation for growth but continually build on the never-changing truths of brand and marketing strategy,” Marobella adds. “This truly is a pivotal moment in advertising and marketing history,” 

A masterful interviewer, both fluent in digital and data, Marobella brings his unique hybrid experience and insights to the series as host, says the NYF. He’s the definition of a modern marketer with over 20 years of working with immersive digital experiences within the agency and brand space.

According to the group, his 360-degree perspective provides him with the industry connections to assemble some of the most amazing minds in advertising, marketing and brand building to come together to discuss the State of the Biz.

“We’re excited to continue this series with Marobella and these powerhouse creative executives. This latest episode is definitely worth watching as Paul and his panel of C-suite innovators share their perspective and industry insights on the evolving industry landscape,” says Scott Rose, president of the New York Festivals Advertising Awards Competitions.

Individuals can click here to view the latest State of the Biz — What Does Modern Marketing Mean? 

The New York Festivals Advertising Awards competition receives entries from more than 60 countries worldwide and is judged by an international jury of more than 400+ members of NYF’s executive jury and the grand jury. 

The New York Festivals® concludes that it has been celebrating the world’s best work since 1957 with its:

  • Advertising Awards
  • AME Awards®
  • Bowery Awards
  • NYF Health Awards®
  • Radio Awards, and
  • TV & Film Awards.

Entries to each of the competitions are judged around the world by panels of peers in their respective industries. The official deadline to enter the 2023 New York Festivals Advertising Awards is Friday, 28 April. 

For more information on categories, rules and regulations, click here

For more information, visit www.newyorkfestivals.com. You can also follow New York Festivals on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.

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