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OFM partners with NAMPO ALFA

This hunting and outdoor lifestyle expo will incorporate experiences.

Anchen Lintvelt, OFM’s sales manager, says, “OFM is proud to be part of the first NAMPO ALFA at NAMPO Park. It is a privilege to be able to take hands once again and as a media partner, OFM will ensure our listeners are informed of everything that will take place at this expo.”

Visitors will be able to:

  • enjoy a fully-fledged shooting range with demonstrations
  • drive 4×4 vehicles on a practical route, and
  • watch the national off-road race with racers in action.

The organisers have also stated that, as responsible players in the livestock industry, they will comply with all rules and regulations as promulgated by the minister of agriculture Thoko Didiza.

The duo adds that all bio-security protocols are already in place and will just be applied even more stringently to manage the risk as best as possible. These protocols have already been successfully applied during the Bloem Show and NAMPO Harvest Day.

Currently, NAMPO ALFA takes place outside the 21-day ban period.

“We are excited to present the new expo and there will be something for everyone to look forward to. There is a large selection of high-quality hunting and outdoor exhibitors,” says Dirk Strydom, Grain SA’s Nampo, marketing and research coordination lead.

“The aim of the expo is above all to offer every visitor a practical experience. Finally, a highlight is the national off-road race, where many famous racers can be seen in action,” Strydom concludes.

Tickets are available here

For more information, visit You can also visit OFM on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.

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