Friday, November 25, 2022
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Panado® shares a dose of care with Jeremiah’s Hope Baby Safe

They say abandonment is a wound that never heals and yet, Panado® says that it recognises the vital role safe houses play within their communities, providing desperate mothers with the opportunity to give their babies hope for the future.

The percentage of infant abandonment in South Africa is frequently a contentious issue, adds the group.

Instead of discussing it, most people donate money to children in need, while others support organisations that provide for them. In certain instances, a small number of individuals engage in hands-on volunteering, donating their time and services to aid these abandoned babies.

Panado’s® ‘A Dose of Care’ campaign aims to share a dose of care with those who need it.

Together with the Afternoon Express, the group is sharing the work of do-gooders by lifting others and helping alleviate the poverty crisis gripping parts of the country through ‘A Dose Of Care’ journey.

South Africa’s infant abandonment rate is increasing at an alarming rate, says the group. Even more distressing are the locations where people are abandoning infants.

Palesa Tembe, host of Afternoon Express, spent time with the full-time team at Jeremiah’s Hope Baby Safe and witnessed first-hand the support and dignity the team provides to women facing unwanted, unplanned pregnancies and their dedication to babies that may otherwise have been abandoned. 

When asked to choose someone to receive ‘A Dose Of Care’ matched by Afternoon Express, the founder and director of Jeremiah’s Hope Baby Safe, Sharon Rushton, chose Tamryn Wells, a fellow hero who volunteers at the centre and assists with creating a safe environment for all the babies.

As South Africans, we endure a great deal, according to the group. There are so many unsung heroes who do so much without expecting anything in return, and that’s precisely what ‘A Dose Of Care’ is about.

The campaign encourages South Africans to go out and nominate other South Africans within their families and communities who really show care for others. For this, individuals need to tell Panado®:

  • who they are
  • what they do for the community, and
  • why they should receive a dose of care.

Individuals need to use the hashtags ‘#ADoseOfCare’ and ‘#PanadoSA’ in their answers. The chosen nominee could stand a chance to receive ‘A Dose Of Care’ from Panado®.

Afternoon Express will add another ‘Dose Of Care’ for their charity or nominee of choice so that they can also share ‘A Dose Of Care’.

For more information, visit You can also follow Panado® on Facebook.

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