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People think France’s Olympic mascot looks like ‘a clitoris’

Can you see a clitoris? (Picture: EPA)

The land of Gallic cocks has unveiled their mascots for the Paris Olympics and Paralympics – yet all some people can see is a ‘clitoris in trainers’.

Two bright red triangular characters, called Olympique and Phryge, are supposed to resemble a hat from the French Revolution – with eyes, arms and legs.

But Guillaume Erner, a leading French socialist, said both were now known as ‘the Olympic clit’.

‘This is a first,’ Mr Erner said. ‘By placing the Olympic Games under the authority of this female organ, our country is making a strong statement.

‘It’s excellent news for female pleasure and the world’s general education.’

Organisers insist the cuddly figures, adorned with Tricolour ribbons, are based on the Phrygian cap and embody the values of ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity’.

The cap was famously worn by Marianne – the national symbol of France – in Delacroix’s iconic painting.

The mascots are known in France as the ‘Olympic clit’ (Picture: AP)
The Atlanta 1996 Olympics had Izzy the mascot who was dubbed the ‘Sperm in Sneakers’ (Picture: AP)

Tony Estinguet, the Paris 2024 president, defended the mascot, saying: ‘We chose an ideal rather than an animal.’

But cultural commentator Matilde Meslin tweeted: ‘We’re all in agreement it’s not a Phrygian cap at all but a full-blown clitoris?

‘I’m sorry but if you airbrush out its little trainers and the French flag and there you go!’

One woman replied: ‘Thank you, that was my first reaction. Now I feel less alone.’

Additional reporting from Peter Allen

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