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Read These Skincare Tips Before Setting Off On Your Next Vacation

While travelling is possibly one of the most popular things that bring people joy–it also brings along a few concerns. Your skin may invariably react to a changing environment, especially if you travel from a moderately cool place with less humidity to a hot, tropical place that feels like a sauna.

As such, how do you ensure that your skin looks pretty as ever while you are posing for photographs at the next destination?

Recently, aesthetic, skin and wellness expert Dr. Kiran took to Instagram to share a few beauty suggestions to prevent last-minute stress about your skin regimen.

She explained that the stress associated with travel can disrupt your body’s equilibrium, particularly the skin. Take a look at the post here-

The expert went on to say that your travel skincare routine need not be time-consuming at all. With just a few basic steps, your skin will remain happy and healthy. Read her suggestions below.

Don’t forget sunscreen- Use SPF to protect yourself from sun exposure and developing serious sunburns and tanning. Choose a sunscreen with an SPF higher than 30 to ensure maximum protection. Remember to double-cleanse your face at night to prevent breakouts.

Use a hydrating mask- A light hydrating mask that’s pillowy and soft is a great SOS for skin that is lacking in hydration and looks dull and insipid. Dr. Kiran mentioned that aeroplanes, weather changes, sun, and outdoor weather all cause dryness. Using a hydrating mask will help prevent that.

Choose a moisturizer for your skin type- A good quality moisturizer is a lifesaver during travelling. Not only will it help protect your skin barrier, but will also keep your skin feeling soft.

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