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Revolutionizing Mattresses by Elevating Comfort Through Study, Innovation, and Simple Common Sense

Let’s read more on this game changer mattress that can give your body the relief it has always needed by letting your arms rest where they belong. The following are the specifications of the SONU sleep system:

  1. The Ultimate Comfort Channel:
    A mattress has never previously allowed people to completely sink into the bed. The SONU Sleep System’s innovative Comfort Channel allows for full shoulder and arm movements inside the mattress, not just on top. The SONU Sleep System’s innovative Comfort Channel allows for full shoulder and arm movements inside the mattress, not just on topSide sleepers benefit from not having to roll over frequently to relieve strain on their arms and shoulders, which leads to restful slumber all night long. This is made possible by the Comfort Channel’s 10 inch deep negative space and free Support Pillows, which are designed to perfectly support the upper body of the sleeper while reducing strain on the limbs.

The pillows for support:
The secret to the special immersive support system of the SONU Sleep System is its proprietary Support Pillows. Within each Support Pillow, there are individual layers specifically engineered to enable the pillow to be laterally malleable while maintaining ideal vertical support, making a stack of two layers of Support Pillows in each SONU, totaling four pillows for King and Queen sizes, and two pillows for Twin XL. The Support Pillows are made to accommodate a head pillow on top of them for the best possible head support, while still giving space in the Comfort Channel for the sleeper’s limbs to achieve the ideal sleeping position.

2. Sink-In Assistance:
The SONU Sleep System is made to correct the spine as you sleep on your side, reducing stress, improving breathing, and promoting restful sleep all night long. This feat is achieved by letting the shoulders sink into the Comfort Channel, levelling the neck vertebrae, supporting the upper torso, levelling the upper back vertebrae, and then letting the hips sink in, levelling the lower back vertebrae. As it has been specifically developed to deliver this special Sink-In Support, which is only accessible with a SONU, the system also conforms to maintain a flat surface for best support when in a back or stomach resting position.

3.  Mechanism for support:
Three exterior walls that are part of the Comfort Channel are attached to the bed’s foundation and main body. The ideal shape of negative space is produced by this construction, enabling the sleeper’s limbs to totally submerge beneath the surface. The characteristics of this construction have been created to withstand the lateral stresses put on it by the Support Pillows, maintaining the ideal vertical support for the upper torso while allowing for full bed mobility. The side structures also serve as book or device holders, relieving the strain on the hands and wrists when reading and watching.

4. Relieved upper torso:
The SONU Sleep System is unlike any other mattress since several engineering challenges were overcome in order to attain the exceptional level of comfort it offers. One of these challenges was to enable the system to support a sleeper’s upper torso, which is typically the heaviest part of the body, while allowing the shoulders and arms to sink into the bed, significantly reducing the weight that would otherwise be required by these areas to support the upper torso. The SONU’s grading levels of support have been specifically designed to achieve this purpose, providing a genuinely exceptional level of comfort and an amazing sleeping experience.

5. Layers for cooling:
The top surface of the SONU is entirely covered in a 2 inch thick layer of plush cooling material. The various support portions may be combined smoothly into one with the help of this cooling topper, giving the upper torso the right amount of support while allowing the hips to sink and realign the spine. In order to provide a matched level of comfort and cooling for every portion of the sleeper’s body that contacts a surface of SONU, this material is also present at the bottom of the Comfort Channel and in the outer layers of the Support Pillows.


6. The cover:
The outer cover, like all other components of the SONU Sleep System, is distinctive in both appearance and design. As it spans the full distinctive shape of the mattress, even into the base of the Comfort Channel and outer casings of the Support Pillows, its material is very elastic to adapt for any additional room required by the shoulders and arms. The top edge of the Comfort Channel, which is where the sleeper’s upper torso sits, is shaped to “waterfall” into the empty space, doing away with all seams and potential pain in this crucial region. The cover material is wonderfully soft, smooth, and cool to the touch, and it is long-lasting and sturdy. French seams and double stitching enhance the SONU’s bespoke dual tones and classic diamond stitching while framing the iconic encircling stripe.

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