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Russian Covid vaccine: Sputnik takers in a fix as Russian vaccine is still not widely accepted

There seems to be no end to hurdles for the takers of Sputnik vaccine for Covid-19. Vishal Patil, an IT executive in Pune, has not been able to attend a conference in Paris as he was vaccinated with Sputnik, which is not an accepted vaccine in France.

Like Patil, some of the Sputnik recipients have approached the government now to allow them revaccination so that they can generate a new certificate, which they can use when they travel.

“I was supposed to attend a conference in Paris in November but could not due to the vaccine issue. There are a few countries that allow travel with a Covid negative report but there are some in Europe and US which do not allow longer duration of stay,” Patil told ET.

He said that there are many countries mandating vaccines to visit them and many do not recognise Russia’s Sputnik vaccine. “This is making it difficult to travel or get a visa even if it is for a temporary company work or job,” he said.
Patil said that a set of people who are facing the issue have approached the government to allow paid revaccination. “As this would solve our problem. We can take a WHO-approved vaccine and travel with a new vaccine certificate,” he added.

Sputnik-V is one of the three main vaccines that was used in India. The vaccine is based on human adenoviral vectors and uses two different vectors for the two shots. India had approved a gap of 21 days between the two doses.

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