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Sani-touch launches Buddy B Rolls

The Buddy B rolls are an extension of San-touch’s cloth range, which includes the unique Zonki cloth colour coded picture cloths.

The brand says that it is wholly focused on creating a sustainable value chain, and that it is not stopping with biodegradable cleaning cloths.

The brand adds that in a first for South Africa, it want individuals green waste as part of its ‘Cloths to Compost Green Waste Initiative’, which will see green waste and used Buddy B biodegradable cloths turned into specialised growing mediums specifically designed for agricultural crops.

Sani-touch says that it has been working with 9Five Integrated Nutrient Systems (Pty) Ltd, a specialist company, which produces 100% organic nutrient-dense growing mediums.

9Five has successfully piloted a project to include Sani-touch’s Buddy B biodegradable cloths with organic waste to produce a bespoke growing medium. Made from pure plant fibres and hydroentangled using water pressure, Buddy B cloths are designed to biodegrade.

According to the brand, in addition to state-of-the-art and climate-controlled worm farm facilities, 9Five manufactures its growing mediums from organic waste.

Once matured the growing medium is mixed with worm vermicast. The end result is a perfectly balanced 100% organic growing medium with a high microbial count which ensures stronger and healthier plant growth and higher yields, says 9Five.

Sani-touch is partnering with 9Five to help source green waste, which will be composted together with used Buddy B cloths to create a 100% organic growing medium that:

  • negates the need for chemical fertilisers
  • is more water-efficient
  • rebalances the soil to optimal health. and
  • ensures food security for future generations.

Sani-touch concludes that it strives to not only find solutions that are fit for the purpose specifically for the South African market but to ensure that it keeps the environment in mind in everything it does.

For more information, visit You can also follow Sani-touch on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.

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