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Nearly 60% patients delay treatment due to lack of health insurance: Study

New Delhi: The National Family Health Survey-5 (NFHS-5) revealed that India has witnessed a marginal improvement in health insurance coverage. However, a study conducted by Pristyn Care Data Labs revealed that almost 50 per cent of patients feel that long waiting time for approvals is the biggest pain point while filing for the insurance claim and nearly 60 per cent of patients are delaying treatments because of lack of health insurance.

The study had over 1,100 respondents and taken insights from internal data of over four lakh patient interactions around health insurance out of which 67 per cent revealed that the health insurance policies are difficult to understand and don’t give a holistic view of the benefits provided.

Other challenges faced by patients while claiming insurance were deduction of money at the time of claiming (24 per cent) and complex paperwork (17 per cent). In order to ease the process of claiming health insurance, more than 60 per cent Indians opt for a third party end-to-end health insurance service provider who takes care of all the hassle. With the rising costs of medical treatments in the country, nearly 60 per cent of the respondents are delaying treatment due to the lack of any health cover, the study revealed.

According to the study, a vast majority of people wanted the alternative treatments like ayurveda, unani, siddha, homeopathy, naturopathy, to be covered under health insurance. 21 per cent want cosmetic procedures like plastic surgery and weight loss treatments to be covered by health insurance providers. The survey reported that 20 per cent respondents believe that IVF and infertility procedures should also be covered under insurance given the rising costs.

Commenting on the study findings, Harsimarbir Singh, co-founder, Pristyn Care, said “The patient’s journey starts from buying health insurance, meeting a healthcare provider, receiving diagnosis, getting treatment, paying for the services and then claiming health insurance. India has the lowest rates of health insurance penetration and COVID-19 induced medical inflation has caused people to delay surgeries. Elective surgeries are not life-threatening but any delay can impact the overall quality of life.”



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