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Taapsee Pannu’s Six-Pack Secrets Revealed, Dietician Shares Transformation Insights

When Taapsee Pannu posted a picture of herself showing off her six-pack abs a few days ago, it had blew viral on social media.

When Taapsee Pannu posted a picture of herself showing off her six-pack abs a few days ago, it had blew viral on social media.

In addition to discussing the process behind Taapsee’s six-pack transformation, Munmun Ganeriwal also disclosed her monthly cost of one lakh rupees for the Pink actress

A few days ago, Taapsee Pannu caused a sensation on social media when she shared a photo of herself showcasing her six-pack abs. Her hard work was widely praised by social media users. While her gym trainer, Sujeet Kargutkar, and her dietician Munmun Ganeriwal also played crucial roles.

During a recent discussion with HT Digital, Munmun shared insights into the journey behind Taapsee’s six-pack transformation and also revealed her monthly fee of 1 lakh for the Pink actress.

Dietician Munmun Ganeriwal disclosed that Taapsee Pannu approached her in November with a desire to achieve six-pack abs. According to Munmun, Taapsee didn’t specify a deadline for the transformation but instead asked for an estimated duration so that the actress could plan her shoot, accordingly.

When asked if Taapsee’s transformation was drastic, the dietician clarified that none of her clients come to her for a drastic transformation. She explained that people may see a transformation as drastic on Instagram, but it’s hard to know how much time someone took to achieve it. However, if a person achieved a transformation in 15-20 days or even a month, she would consider that drastic.

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Although majority of her clients take almost 2-3 months for the transformation but Munmun Ganeriwal reveals that it was Nayanthara who took almost 1 year to get into a certain shape for Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan.

Munmun explained that the duration of the transformation process depends on the individual’s starting point. In Nayanthara’s case, since she was new to her, they took one year. However, if she plans to transform the South beauty again, she would not take a year as the actress is already in great shape. Instead, it would take 3-4 months depending on the goal.

When asked about the duration of Taapsee Pannu’s transformation, Munmun explained that she has been working with Taapsee for the past five years. Since Taapsee is always in good shape and maintains excellent fitness, it usually takes around 3 to 4 months to work with her to achieve six-pack abs.

Ganeriwal clarifies that she never used steroids in Taapsee’s transformation, only safe supplements. This came after an Instagram user had questioned the use of steroids.

Munmun adds that they used L Glutamine for muscle recovery and to achieve a toned look. They also made an effort to include natural foods in the plan, but supplements were still used.

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Additionally, Munmun Ganeriwal acknowledges charging Taapsee 12 lakh per year and says that her prices are clearly shown on her website.

She reveals, Taapsee Pannu always chose the one-year plan for around 12 lakh, which is about 1 lakh each month. Munmun offers other plans too, like a three-month plan for Rs. 3,40,000. There are no different prices for different goals.

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