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Taking a Solo Cab Ride? Follow These Tips For A Safe Journey

Many people credit their personal development to their experiences as a lone traveller, be it exploring your own city or foreign lands. There is a widespread misconception that travelling alone is dangerous only for women. Not only women but men too get harassed. So today we are here to give some safety tips that can be used by men and women, when they are taking a cab ride alone.

Ask for ID proof from the driver

Check your driver’s licence, company ID or any other ID proof; and if possible, take a photo of the photo ID and email it to a friend or family member.

Keep GPS on

Keep your phone’s GPS turned on until you arrive at your destination. You will be safe if you do this.

Take a picture of the number plate

Never forget to take a picture of the cab’s number plate.

Avoid taking shortcuts

Many cab drivers suggest taking shortcuts. Always avoid that and never agree to take these shortcuts.

Always have a speed dial list

Keep the phone numbers of family and close friends on speed dial. You can contact them in a matter of seconds if necessary.

Keep your mobile charged

Before boarding the cab or going anywhere, make sure to charge your phone. Carry a backup battery, such as a power bank with you if possible. Check to see if the call and data pack is activated.

Have safety tools

Remember to keep pepper spray, as well as any sharp objects, in your purse or bag. Keep these items in the bag in a location, so that they are taken out quickly when needed.

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