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The Good Things Guy celebrates Woolie’s ‘Bring a Bag, Take a Bag’ initiative

Lindeque says that about a month prior, he approached retailer SPAR to pioneer the ‘Leave One Take One’ reusable shopping bag initiative, which has now been implemented in over 60 stores nationwide.

The idea was initiated by the Good Things Guy and SPAR, and Lindeque has expressed his hopes that other retailers will take up the mantle and follow suit.

Lindeque says, “I was initially disappointed that Woolies didn’t immediately take up the idea as SPAR did, but it’s fantastic that they’re now also on board. Our reusable shopping bag problem will hopefully become a thing of the past very, very soon.”

Lindeque adds that his first social media post on the idea of retailers launching a ‘Take One, Leave One’ programme has reached over 500 000 people.

“It made me realise that a lot of South Africans had the same issue with shopping bags as I do,” says Lindeque.

Lindeque  concludes. “I’m so pleased that Woolies has been so inspired — after months of telling us to ‘remember our bags’ — that they are now also on board with this first-of-its-kind retail experience and that it has similarly rolled out the wooden tree stands for consumers to add its bags too.”

For more information, visit www.goodthingsguy.com. You can also follow Good Things Guy on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.

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