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The Lead Creative podcast launches season two

According to the podcast, listeners can expect fun-filled chats with advertising thought leaders, forward-thinking brand leaders, innovative digital marketers and content creators.

Mtati says that he takes his listeners behind the scenes and into the thinking and processes that created some of the most memorable marketing moments we all wish we had made.

“Some of the world’s best creative ideas have changed brands, sold products and helped to build society,” says Mtati.

“In The Lead Creative podcast, I talk to strategists, leading marketers and some of the most preeminent minds across industries to understand better why and how creative ideas can start movements, build brands, change minds and shift the status quo,” adds Mtati.

Initially started at the height of the Covid-19 lockdown, Mtati says that he was writing, interviewing, producing and publishing The Lead Creative, in collaboration with iAfrikan, from his couch.

Now, with the support of award-winning digital marketing agency Rogerwilco — where Mtati is a brand strategist — season two shares analysis, trends and strategic intelligence with South African, African and global mavens who will inspire all who listen, according to the podcast.

Mtati adds that he has a keen interest — bordering on obsession — in what makes compelling brand content. Mtati says that he is always on the hunt for insight that leads to success and engages with those that bring the magic together.

Already live on the current season of The Lead Creative are the following conversations:

The Lead Creative podcast is available on: 

The podcast says that marketers, brands and agencies are encouraged to subscribe today to catch up on what they’ve missed and stay on top of what’s to come.

“I look forward to sharing insights with you,” concludes Mtati. 

For more information, visit You can also follow The Lead Creative on Twitter and Instagram.

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