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This shampoo has been a secret weapon for men fighting hair loss

People have been using this shampoo to fight hair loss (Picture: ManCave)

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Each day we lose up to 100 hairs and most of the time, we don’t even notice. But as we get older we seem to notice every single strand.

Men tend to lose their hair earlier than women and this can put a dent in their confidence.

A large percentage of men’s hair loss comes from excess DHT which is a by-product of testosterone.

There are treatments, like hair transplants and prescription medication, which are becoming more common but these cost a lot of money and don’t always work.

Before going to the extreme, there are a few product swaps you can make to fight male pattern hair loss.

The aptly named ManCave has developed a caffeine-based shampoo to help combat hair loss and its users have seen a real difference, with some claiming that the receding hairline they’d been suffering from stopped after using the product.

Can you see the difference? (Picture: ManCave)

The caffeine is the hero ingredient stimulating hair growth as well as the elongation of the hair shaft. The formula also contains Vitamin E and shea butter, to hydrate the hair, and Panthenol to soothe any itchiness.

It also contains saw palmetto, a botanical extract from a palm that’s usually found in the US which some studies have shown to block the effect of androgen hormones. High levels of these hormones are associated with hair thinning, so blocking them can improve hair growth.

The caffeine shampoo is the first step used before the Anti-Dandruff Scalp Care Shampoo. This part of the process is to improve your scalp condition. After all, healthy scalp equals healthy hair.

After two weeks using the shampoo, the brand claims 93% of users said their hair and scalp looked and felt healthier than before.

Chris S began using Mancave products after getting worried about his receding hairline.

‘I have been using Mancave Caffeine Shampoo for some years now and I can honestly say that hardly a single hair comes out after shampooing and any sign of receding hair has completely stopped. I really believe it is one of the best products of its type on the market and at a great price,’ he said.

Another user said it’s been a godsend following a hair transplant.

‘Straight on to this stuff when the aftercare products following the hair transplant ran out. Recommended by a friend and cannot thank him enough. Feels and smells amazing when it’s applied. Hard to believe it’s all vegan and friendly,’ they shared.

You can save 20% off your first order using code CLEAN20. You can buy it here.

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