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Tick Your Bucket List And Visit Pondicherry For These Reasons

Pondicherry typically known as Puducherry is a wanderlust for all travel lovers for sure. A quaint town on the coast of the Bay of Bengal with breathtaking architectural beauty, pristine beaches, and a tropical climate. We are pretty sure this place is on your bucket list.

If you find a tourist spot like abroad in your own country, you should go at least once. Pondicherry has views that rival those found in other parts of the world. It is a union territory located on the country’s eastern coast. Pondicherry is about 135 kilometres from Chennai.

Until 1953, this was a French colony. French rule ended in 1954. Even after so many years since the French left, French civilization has endured in this location. The residences in this neighbourhood are built in the Mediterranean style. This union area, which is divided into four districts, is an excellent tourist attraction. If you are planning to visit this beauty here’s what you can enjoy the most.

Enjoy Luxury Stay

You can enjoy a luxury stay in Pondicherry. You get to see a lot of mind-blowing views here. This place remains hot throughout the year, so book an AC room well in advance.

Variety of food available

Here you get all types of food from South Indian to Continental, French and Italian. Here you get Creole food, a mixture of French and Tamil, and a little Portuguese and Dutch touch. You will find French food available in the French Quarter along with a vast variety of non-veg food.

Best time to visit

Because it is summer most of the time, visiting this place in the cold is fun. You can rent a bike or a motorcycle here for everyday exploration. Its daily price can range from Rs 40 to Rs 200. You can try scuba diving, surfing, and other activities here.

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