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Top Features You Must Checkout At Launch

Thanks to new features like the revamped lock screen, iMessage-specific quality of life improvements, and more, Apple fans and new iPhone buyers are quite excited about the release of iOS 16, which is expected to be released today, Monday, September 12, 2022. As a result, iOS 16 represents a significant revamp of the iOS operating system and introduces a number of new features and improvements that you should be aware of.

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Top Features Apple Is Introducing In iOS 16

Edit and Delete Sent Texts Sent On iMessage

iOS 16 brings the ability to edit and delete sent messages on iMessage. With a maximum of five revisions per message, Apple now enables you to make changes to an iMessage for up to 15 minutes after sending it. Tap and hold on the text bubble and choose the desired option from the menu to modify or unsend a message. Edited messages will be identified by the label “edited.”

Biggest Lock Screen Overhaul Ever

Even though we’ve seen Android OEMs add quirky fonts, the option to personalize the clock, and more for their Android skin’s lock screens, Apple may have outdone itself this year with a significant lock screen revamp. The clock can now be displayed in a myriad of fonts, widgets can be added, machine learning can be used to recognize the subject of the wallpaper, and the clock can then be presented sandwiched between the wallpaper’s backdrop and its subject for a fun effect.

Additionally, you may choose which images they want to rotate on the lock screen. New live wallpapers – astronomy and live weather allow for intuitive displays of weather conditions and planets.

Immersive Full Screen Music Player For The Lock Screen

On the Lock Screen, iOS 16 features a full-screen music player with huge album art and a color-coordinated background. You choose between the standard and the full-screen music player lock screen if you easily get bored with either.
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Emphasis On Quality Of Life Features

With iOS 16, Apple will let you merely tap and hold the subject to lift it from any of the countless photos that you may have in your photo library. You may copy or drag the subject to the desired app after you’ve lifted it. You don’t need the LiDAR sensors in the Pro iPhone models for this to function.

Moreover, people who capture screenshots on their iPhones frequently will now benefit from a new option that allows you to Copy and Delete immediately, saving extra steps.

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