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What Causes Eating Disorder Among Teenagers

Children and teens gain weight and at the same time, their appetite is also not stable. Many times, children vomit before eating or immediately after eating food, and their stomach also starts to deteriorate. If children are repeatedly pointing out their eating habits, it is not appropriate for their mental health. An eating disorder can also be caused by excessive anxiety. To keep children’s mental health and physical health in shape, one should get to the root of it.

Causes of eating disorder

According to WebMD, eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder, are psychological disorders that involve extreme disturbances in eating behaviour. A child with an eating disorder can’t remain at normal body weight.

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Someone with bulimia nervosa has repeated episodes of binge eating followed by compulsive behaviours such as vomiting. Binge eating is characterised as uncontrolled overeating.

Today, obsession with weight loss affects millions of teenagers. At any given time, one out of every seven women has or is suffering from an eating disorder. More than 90% of people with an eating disorder are females.

Symptoms of eating disorder

The child’s body image worsens, and its effect is seen on their mental health.
The child does not eat most of the meals.
Their eating habits are already abnormal, such as consuming thousands of calories at one time and not eating at another time.
To increase weight continuously.
They do not sleep at night.
Rash on the skin or dryness of the skin.
Cavities in the teeth.
Breakage of nails and hair loss.
Aerogen in tooth enamel.
More interest in exercise or hyperactivity.

Treatment of the eating disorder

An eating disorder can be cured by cognitive behaviour therapy and some anti-depressant medicines. Medical monitoring and feeding the baby on time can also come in handy.

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