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What is Ovarian Cancer? 5 Early Signs and Symptoms

Ovarian cancer occurs in women. This cancer is also known as the silent killer because the initial symptoms of its occurrence are not visible. However, the latest research has shown that it is not as secret as it is understood. Some symptoms can be identified, but they do not get people’s attention because these symptoms are very common.

70% of women suffering from ovarian cancer are treated when cancer has crossed several stages. In the initial stage, if this cancer in the ovary is detected, then it can survive for about five years. But if it has reached the upper stage, then the chances of survival for the next five years are only 28% to 40%.

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According to, women often ignore the initial symptoms of ovarian cancer just because they feel that the problems are due to aging and weight gain. Gynaecologist Amina Ahmed says that due to this negligence of women, it becomes very difficult to detect ovarian cancer, which is the most treatable.

Dr Amina Ahmed says that if women see any kind of changes in their bodies and they do not recover in a few days, then they should consult their doctors immediately. If everything is not normal even after a few days of treatment, then it is a serious sign. Dr Ahmed says that from the beginning of ovarian cancer, there are some different symptoms, which are very important to identify.

5 Early Signs Of Ovarian Cancer


Almost every woman experiences swelling in her stomach at some point. Many times, the stomach feels full, which causes a lot of discomforts. While it is normal to have a bloated stomach, swelling around the menstrual cycle and persisting for several weeks is a major sign of ovarian cancer. Bloating in the stomach can be a red sign.


If you have been suffering from constipation for several days, it can also be a sign of ovarian cancer. Experts say that if you see any kind of changes in your stomach, whether it is internal or external, then consult the expert.

Pain in the stomach

If you feel pain in the stomach or lower back for two or three weeks, it can also be a sign of ovarian cancer. It is important to keep in mind here whether this pain is new to you or has happened before. Such pain cannot be ignored. If you change your diet and the pain heals, it can be normal.

Issue in urination

If you are suddenly having some problems with urination for several days, it can also be a sign of ovarian cancer. Symptoms such as feeling pain while urinating and burning. People often consider such problems as infections, and it gradually starts giving a lot of problems.

You will not feel hungry

When you are suffering from ovarian cancer, you don’t feel hungry. Although it looks like a common symptom, it is a big sign of ovarian cancer.

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