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What is Over-The-Top media technology — in 200 words or less?

media update’s Alrika Möller removes the mystery of Over-The-Top Technology in media here:

Over-The-Top technology is actually quite simple. It refers to providing content over the top of already existing Internet services for your convenience.

Basically … It means streaming!

Yes, that includes Netflix, Disney+ and all the streaming services providing us with series and movies. But they are not the be-all and end-all of streaming.

Streaming occurs when you listen to your favourite radio station on your laptop or when you listen to a podcast live. Whenever you are consuming broadcast media via the Internet — and not the traditional methods like TV or radio — you are streaming via OTT technology.

This tech is used by the provider, not the streamer. You just access it from their platform — whatever platform it may be. Therefore, you can access the broadcast at the time and place that suits you. It is all about convenience.

Is broadcast tech still a mystery to you? Drop your questions in the comments, and let us help you out!

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