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When the lights go off, our device screens are staying on

The latest statistics from Meta Inflation Watch reveal that TV is the biggest culprit when it comes to the current rising media inflation rate, with load shedding playing a villainous role in the decline of live TV viewership.

But interestingly, even when load shedding hits, research also shows that our laptops and cellphones are charged up and ready to go. 

This is due to consumers across the country having pre-downloaded their favourite series or are ready to stream entertainment using data or routers when the lights go out.

Conversely, load-shedding has only increased the use of streaming. There’s no doubt that digital and video-on-demand platforms like Netflix, Showmax and Viu are adding to live TV’s woes.

Media experts in streaming Reach Africa’s data show that the acceleration of digital entertainment offerings over the last three years has also played a role in the steady decline of live television viewing.

This underscores that we’re not, in any way, consuming less entertainment. Our consumption patterns are simply changing with almost two decades’ worth of experience in media. 

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