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Why period pants are an essential now teens are back at school

Not only are period pants eco-friendly, they can help reduce period stigma in young people (Picture: Wuka)

Anyone who gets periods will remember the self-consciousness of those early years.

There was the constant fear of bleeding through school trousers – or, god forbid, leaving a red spot on classroom chairs – and PE lessons were clouded by a sense of worry that you might leak.

Given that an estimated 9% of girls start their period before reaching secondary school, many teens are also worried about getting their first during the school day.

While most educational establishments will have vending machines or freely-available menstrual products, being prepared for an unexpected visit from Aunt Flo is key to reducing your child’s anxiety around the topic.

That’s why leak-proof underwear brand Wuka is asking parents to consider packing period pants for their teens, in an effort to reduce shame and stigma while supporting their knowledge about their bodies.

Wuka has a full range of period pants for girls and teens, including first-period kits and back-to-school sets including handy items like period education books.

Wuka is offering a free wet bag with every period pants set until September 30 (Picture: Wuka)

The range is also currently reduced in the sale, and you’ll a free waterproof wet bag when you buy a set until 30th September.

Period pants can have a positive impact on teens by boosting self-esteem and reducing anxiety during big moments like sports and exam season.

They also can help educate young people on the realities of menstruating and the importance of being prepared, as many expect them to be regular, every month – but this doesn’t always happen.

Wuka’s top tips for managing periods now kids are back at school

  • Get period supplies that teens feel comfortable using, like period pants for school.
  • Wash and reuse period pants, again and again, lasting over two years – particularly useful if you’re an eco-conscious family. A laundry bag is handy for this!
  • Plan for emergencies and store spare pairs. Go for a belt-and-braces approach to ensure your teen can put period worries to the back of their mind.

Talking openly about periods is also vital when it comes to ending period stigma.

A survey by Wuka found that 1 in 4 dads don’t speak openly about periods around friends of family, with 11% saying they wouldn’t be comfortable buying period products from a supermarket.

If we frame periods as a natural and shame-free thing in the home, we’ll ensure our young people are able to focus on their studies rather than their cycle at school.

In the same way you send them off each morning with their pencil case and calculator, give them the kit they need to be period-ready too.

Buy Wuka’s range of period pants for girls and teens, with school sets starting at £23.99.

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