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Woman quits job after making 20 times her salary with hairy sex content

Cherry has never felt more confident (Picture: Cherry the Mistress)

‘The fact I was able to build something on my own and make six figures a year is the most success I’ve ever experienced in my life,’ Cherry, an online sex content creator, tells us.

Working on OnlyFans, the 20-year-old made the decision to drop out of university and quit her coffee shop job in the US to be a full-time content creator.

Going under the name Cherry the Mistress, she champions body hair, letting hers grow out and breaking stereotypes around what constitutes as sexy.

‘I have been a hairy OnlyFans creator for a couple years and I haven’t shaved at all in that time,’ she says.

‘I also don’t wear deodorant – both which my fans absolutely love. 

‘But I have experienced a lot of negativity and hate for being a hairy woman on the internet.

‘On the daily, I get thousands of hate comments from strangers telling me to shave, that I’m disgusting, and I’ve even been told I will die alone.’

Despite this, she’s found plenty of success in her choices.

When she first joined the sex content platform, she was shaving and producing ‘hairless’ imagery, but a month in, something changed.

Cherry is challenging Western ideals around what’s ‘sexy’ (Picture: Cherry the Mistress)

She says: ‘My choice for not shaving happened at a random time in my life and it had nothing to do with my content.

‘A couple years ago I was still going to college and I was taking a couple sociology courses, which I adored and was really grateful for being able to take them.

‘In one of my classes, we were learning about gender social norms and how there are certain activities and attributes that are learned through socialisation over time.

‘That got me thinking how growing up I was always told to shave by my family and even peers at school, so I did for many years.

‘The actual moment I stopped shaving was when I was getting ready for a date and I was in the shower, about to shave, and I started to question if I was shaving for the guy I’m supposed to be seeing or if I was shaving for me.

‘So I didn’t shave. I will never regret that decision.’

Not only was that an empowering decision for her personal life, she now has a loyal bank of fans who adore her images showcasing natural body hair.

Each month, she takes in from $15,000 to over $20,000 by working 12 to 14 hours days, when as a barista she made a little under $2k. 

She’s seen her salary grow tremendously since going into online erotica (Picture: Cherry the Mistress)

She adds: ‘I quit my previous job at a coffee shop over a year ago.

‘And I just recently dropped out of university, so I can fully put my heart and time into my work.

‘I want people to know that body hair is normal to have and it’s not something that’s exclusive to men.

‘Hair grows on nearly everyone and no one should feel like they need to shave just to fit a societal standard.’

Deviating from that standard hasn’t let her down.

Cherry didn’t feel nervous when debuting hairy content, figuring ‘if my fans really liked me for me that they would stay – and a lot of them did.’

She continues: ‘I’ve never received abusive comments from any of my fans about my body hair.

Fans love her ‘huge bush’ (Picture: Cherry the Mistress)

‘They’re all very supportive and always leave me the sweetest comments. However, I have definitely received negative comments from social media. 

‘When I first started putting myself out there and received hate, it hurt me a lot and made me feel so frustrated as to why something that is natural makes some people so upset. 

‘Those comments don’t get to me in the slightest now – sometimes I even find them funny.’

On the flipside, her fans love she doesn’t shave, ‘as it’s something that they don’t see often in today’s society’.

Cherry gets compliments on her ‘huge bush’ and hairy armpits, as well as being called a ‘goddess’ and ‘dream woman’.

Many of those fans have been coming back to her content for months and even years, which Cherry says shows they value the connection she builds with them and her expression of erotica.

She adds: ‘Growing up with a single mother and not a lot of money, I never would’ve thought I could make the money I do now. I am incredibly grateful.

Cherry has a large group of loyal fans (Picture: Cherry the Mistress)

‘Now that I have been an adult content creator for two years, I feel so happy and confident with myself.

‘Making content for me – by growing out my hair – feels like I’m making sensual art and it fulfills my soul.’

That trend is growing too, as Cherry now sees more people also ditching the razor when making sex content. She’s even joined a collective for it, in which the models support each other.

Cherry says: ‘It’s so exciting that I can be able to feel sexy being hairy and find others who find me sexy for how I am.

‘I think it’s unfortunate that in Western norms, people see body hair is something that is gross and unhygienic when it’s actually more hygienic to have body hair.

‘I also feel liberated when I post my hairy self on social media and get positive comments like “I love that you’re normalising body hair for women” or, “I’m a woman and you’ve inspired me to stop shaving”.

‘It is so incredibly motivating for me not only to continue to make hairy erotic content, but to show others around the world that it’s okay not to shave.’

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